In a nutshell? I was born and raised in Malaysia, moved to the United States for undergrad and grad school, and stayed here for love. 19 years in Malaysia, 19 years in Illinois (16 in Chicago). No, it's not a magic number, it's just a coincidence. But 19 years is a long time no matter where we are, and I think it's about time I started a new adventure. This time, with my little family of four. 

We're lucky enough to be able to pick our next home base, and the winner is... (drumroll please) Austin, Texas! Yes, can you tell we're also pretty sick of the harsh Chicago winters? Anyway, I don't know what's in store for us there. All I know is that it's going to be hot as hell, it's going to be completely different from what I'm used to, and it's going to be quite a wild ride. Sounds like the start of a pretty great adventure to me.

Won't you join us?



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