Sunday, June 21, 2015

To the man

This post is dedicated to the man…

…who makes us breakfast every morning, no matter how busy his schedule is. Sure, it doesn’t always look like this delicious breakfast taco that he’d make on weekends or on “Weggsdays” (Eggs on Wednesdays) but waking to his dedication to his family will always feel wonderful.




… who takes our girls exploring with him and teaches them the value of adventure and curiosity.


Bull Creek





…who pushes them to do more, even (or especially) when they’re afraid, promising to always catch them and he does.




…who is the bedtime routine guy (bed, bath, teeth, books and songs) because he breezes through it better than I do. Besides, for the girls to begin and end their day with their daddy who’s often times busy with work in the middle the day, what could be better?



…who is the resident geek and gamer, and because of that, our girls will easily know their way around technology.




…who has a knack for goofy antics, which always, always get the biggest belly laughs and frenzied giggles from our girls.







…who will never accept that his girls can’t do something just because they’re girls. In fact, he makes sure they know that they can do anything he, a man, can. Even toilet repair.



I would go on and on, except I don’t have pictures for all the big and little things this man does for our family. But from what I have here, it’s not hard to see how lucky we are to have him in our lives.

Happy Father’s Day to our favorite guy. Thank you for all that you do for us and for loving us the way that you do.