Friday, December 26, 2014

In the wee hours before Christmas

ChristmasTreeGirls ‘Twas the night before Christmas




“Mommy,” I heard Little Miss standing beside my bed, and I forced my eyes open. It was still dark.
“Will you help me with my buttons?” she was referring to her new Christmas long-johns - the one present that the girls got to open on the eve. As I fumbled to help, she whispered excitedly, “Santa came, mama! He came! I saw bikes!”
“Oh yeah? That’s wonderful!” I managed, and looked at the time: 4:40AM.
“It’s four in the morning, Little Miss, please go back to bed, and we’ll open the presents in the morning.”
“Okay mama” And off she went.


“Mommy, I need to go potty!” the little one ran into my room, holding her crotch and doing her usual pee-pee dance. Mind you, she had to pass her own bathroom to come tell me this.
“Then go.”
“I need help with the buttons.”
Dammit! No more freakin’ long-john’s! What the hell was I thinking?!
Once Pickle was done with her business, thankfully, it’s back to bed again.


This time I felt a presence before I heard it: “Moooommmy….”

It was Pickle. “Is it goodmorning time yet?” Never just morning, always “goodmorning time”, like it’s one word, no pause in between.

I looked outside my window and the sky had the soft orange-pink glow of a promising sunrise peeking between the trees. With only sheers covering the window, I loved watching the daybreak from my bed.

“Yes,” I reached over and carried her to the spot between My Guy and me, fully expecting to cuddle. “Yes, it’s goodmorning time. Where’s your sister?”
“She’s still asleep.”
“Okay, let’s not wake her.” I wrapped her little body with my arms and proceeded with Operation Cuddle A Lot.

“Did Santa come?” My Guy asked her groggily.
“How do you know he was here?”
“You told me he was coming!” responded my sweet, trusting, sometimes clueless three-year-old. Like, duh, daddy.
My Guy and I laughed. “Did you go look for the presents under the tree?”
She paused. “No…” I could feel the wheels churning and heard something click in her brain before she bolted out of bed as quickly as her short legs could carry her and made a bee line for her sister, with whom she loved experiencing everything.

“Wait. Don’t wake her!” I called feebly, knowing fully it was too late.

Christmas had begun.

* * *

Not that I minded. Because there were just the four of us this year, it was a completely stress-free and casual day. In fact, we didn’t get out of our pajamas at all, much to the delight of the girls who live for pajama day at home. So laidback in fact that I only served Chinese leftovers for lunch and cooked Christmas dinner (a rib eye roast, garlic and bacon Brussels sprouts, and maple sweet potatoes, plus our usual butterscotch bundt cake) when I felt like it. And yes, we had all three meals in our PJ’s. But hey, we did break out the stemware and tablecloth. We’re classy like that.

Here’s how the day went in a few snapshots:

Open presents.



Take requisite “thank you for our gift” pictures for grandparents (in their new “Frozen”-themed nightgown and fuzzy slippers from Santa).






ChristmasCraft Craft.

Play some more.
(Although it’s really the deep blue sky I was admiring here. 60’s and sunny on Christmas day. Hello, Texas!)


Plus sugary, buttery, bacon-y, chocolate-y treats galore. Because, you know, we need sustenance for all that lounging and playing. 

In short, it was a pretty damned good Christmas.

Hope you had a wonderful day yourself.