Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mixed bag

Last week was a mess. Okay, maybe not completely, but it was certainly a mix of good and bad that threw us all over the place. First, there was The Plague that infected everyone in our family but me. Except I don’t feel so lucky because guess who got to take care of everyone? But if there was ever a time I’m grateful that my kids are older (even though I often lament the fact that they’re no longer babies) it was last week, when our two-year-old could express, “Mommy, I need to shrow up” and promptly moved towards the bucket and hurled neatly into it. Little Miss did the same – perfect aim each time. THANK. GOD.

Because 102-degree fevers and multiple puke fests all around were about all I could handle. I’m glad I didn’t need to shampoo the carpet on top of everything else.

In fact, such pros were the kids that they were completely unfazed by their vomit, like when Pickle walked out of the bathroom after being cleaned from her “session” and nonchalantly asked, “Can I eat my granola bar now?” hoping to pick up where she left off. At the time, I both laughed and thought, man, kids are gross.

When the whole crew was home with varying degrees of illness, I had to juggle between entertaining the not-too-sick while waiting on the sickest. Oh it was so fun, let me tell ya. A blast.

Thankfully, it’s all over now. Everyone’s well, and I’m still standing. Also, I’m thrilled that we ended the week on a much, much higher note. So high in fact that I can’t say anything about it now, for fear of jinxing it.

Blame the superstitious Chinese in me, but I’m going to refrain from divulging, just in case…So here I am, trembling with excitement and exercising extreme control to keep it all under the lid at the same time. I think the oversharer in me may just implode; I bet you can already guess what it is, but SHHHHHHH… don’t jinx it.

So instead of writing about what I really want to go on and on about (because omigod, omigod, omigod!), I’m going to steer the focus on The 16th Annual Dragon Boat Festival, which was where my girls had their Austin stage debut. They performed Chinese songs alongside their preschool friends to kick off the event, which was followed by a lion dance, a dragon boat race, and a plethora of performances that we had to miss because Little Miss’ fever came back. (Side note: UGH!)





photo 1 (58)



photo 2 (54)

The girls had talked about it all week, and they even sang three lines from one song at home as a sneak preview for My Guy and me, but they were too shy to continue, lacking the confidence they normally possess because it’s in an unfamiliar language: Mandarin. And since I only knew Cantonese, I was of no help. When they finally did perform, Little Miss followed along really well, while Pickle vacillated between trying to catch up (as she’s an overachieving two-year-old in a three-year-olds’ class) and hamming it up for the crowd. Unlike her sister, who had performed on stage before, this was her first.



I have a feeling it won’t be her last either.

Coming out of a mixed bag week, we took our sick-weary butts to the pool at the apartment complex today to cleanse ourselves from the tenacious ailment. Plus water = joy, and we could all use an extra dose of that. It’s 90 degrees and sunny, there’s ice cream in our bellies, and there’s possibly fantastic news in the near future (*fingers crossed*). It’s already feeling like a good week, but hey, let’s not jinx it shall we?