Thursday, April 17, 2014

Because it’s gloomy, and I needed some sunshine

I went for a run with a new friend (a new friend! yay!) last Sunday and brought the whole family along so they could play at the playground. But what we didn’t expect to see was this magnificent field of bluebonnets. Apparently, it’s a Texas thing. Our little urban kids ran through them, rolled on them, tried to pluck them (but were warned against it as it’s against state law) and just feasted their eyes on them. What a lovely, lovely surprise.

After an unbearably long and painfully frigid winter in Chicago, this is a welcome change to our scenery. Even if we had to move 1300 miles away for it.

Today, the clouds are hiding the sun and my work is heavy. The house is empty, and it’s so quiet that I can hear my cats breathe. In the next room. I am in need of some sunshine and light. Perhaps even a little smile.

And voila!

photo 2 (53)



photo 5 (13)



photo 3 (37)



photo 4 (34)


photo 1 (57)



 photo 2 (52)


Mission accomplished.