Monday, March 17, 2014

This is unreal


I wore my best sundress – it was strapless and floral, with a light blue ribbon that tied around the waist. I stood with the rest of the people at the airport, nervously waiting for his arrival, my eyes darting back and forth between the clock and the doors from which he would appear. Did I look okay? How’s my hair? What about my dress? 

And then I spotted him, or maybe we both found each other at the same time, from the throng of people who surrounded us at the International arrival gate, everyone in search of someone.  I ran towards him, and as it had happened a million times in my head, he lifted me off my feet and spun me around and around before our lips met. This was the reunion of my dreams.

We were breathless and giddy. Delirious. Hopeful. This was it. This was the moment. The rest of our lives would begin right here. 

When I met My Guy, the young college intern that he was, he had already planned to study abroad in Greece for four months. Our relationship blossomed right as it was time to say goodbye, and we spent the first part of our budding relationship on Skype and Google chat. I slept with the laptop beside me so I would always hear the ping from his chats, should he decide to reach me. I visited him in Athens, unable to bear the four months away, but it still felt like our life together was suspended – to be continued -  until he came home.

And that’s how it feels right now.

We are three (THREE!) days away from our move to Austin, but from the moment we decided to do this, we were already itching to leave. Our anticipation for this new life of ours reminds me of those four months we spent apart. Just like we did before over long-distance conversations in the wee hours of the night, there is much dreaming and talking and researching to fill the void between what is and what we hope it will be.  Every day we wake up to a countdown – 10 more days, five more days, three more days!  The excitement is palpable. 

Again, just like before, something tells me we’re on the precipice of something amazing. The only difference is that what made it exciting for me then was imagining a future with this guy I hardly knew, and what thrills me now is that, eight years after that moment at the airport, I get to experience a new beginning with this same guy. The very one who swept me off my feet and spun me around like they do in a storybook romance. Except this is real life. 

But I have to say, for real life, this feels pretty unreal.