Monday, March 10, 2014


T-11 days to Austin.

Things are not what they used to be, naturally. Our routine is slightly disjointed, our apartment looks like a makeshift warehouse. We operate mostly on “do what we can, do what we must”, with a sprinkling of our old routine thrown into the mix. There is no normal.

Screen time rules go out the door when the carpet guy comes to give an estimate and the two-year-old is patting his oversized belly while he takes measurements on his clipboard, asking him to “watch me!” as she twirls and sings songs from Frozen. It’s like she’s never seen a man enter our home before. Fearing more interruptions as we sit to discuss numbers, I resort to what I normally try to avoid: “Here’s the iPad; go play some games.”

I cringe at the state of our home and struggle to find comfort in it. In fact, because of a landlady that doesn’t understand tenant’s rights and responsibilities, she has turned what was once my safe haven into a place of hostility. But that’s a story for another day. My mind has checked out of this house, but since we’re not in Austin yet, I feel we’re in limbo. And so I try to ground myself with the little things that bring my joy. Things that will stay with me, wherever we go.

Like this instance, when, upon learning that two-year-old Pickle will also be tagging along on one of her play dates, Little Miss exclaimed, “What??! She’s coming too? Why is she coming to my play date?”

Before I could respond, Pickle turned to her sister and said with saccharin sweetness, “Missy, sometimes little girls get to go on play dates, too.”

My Guy and I laughed at the earnestness in her voice and the accompanying hand gestures. You tell her, sister!

* * *


The whole moving affair can be expensive, so when My Guy said his client – a printing company that does a lot of packing and shipping of delicate materials – was giving us some bubble wrap and boxes for free, I had no idea this was what he would come home with: industrial-sized foam and bubble wrap, as well as sturdy boxes that are perfect for protecting our wall pictures, art and TVs. Pricey materials that would have otherwise set our budget back quite a bit, and here they are, plentiful and free! Sometimes it’s good to know the right people I guess…

photo 4 (27)



photo 5 (8) 

* * *

The girls finally got their Halloween picture taken. We had the worst Halloween last year. It was miserably cold and wet with pouring rain, and Pickle went on a poop fest that afternoon all over her costume. Maybe it was the candy at her school’s party. We never had the chance or energy to get them both in a picture together, so when Little Miss approached me with, “Can I wear my witch costume to play?” first thing in the morning, I decided it was now or never. So here it is, five months later.

photo 1 (48)

* * *

Thanks to Daylight Savings, springing an hour ahead means my girls are finally waking up at an acceptable hour. It’s 7:28AM now, and I haven’t heard a peep. Hallelujah!

* * *

This girl, who had learned her ABC’s from a Star Wars ABC book but never watched the movies, gasped in surprise and announced out of nowhere, “Mommy! This looks like a Tie-Fighter!”

photo 2 (42)
Indeed, it does.

* * *