Thursday, February 27, 2014

Serendipity: My blog has a new look!

After nearly 20 years in Illinois, I think I’m due for a change. Hence, the decision to move to Texas. After all, change is good. Even for this blog. After almost three years with the same look, I decided to give this blog a facelift to better reflect my current style and aesthetic preferences.

I’m into the clean, minimal look lately, which perhaps coincides with my need to simplify living as well. I read in many places that Austin has a more relaxed pace, and it is with that in mind that we decided to uproot from our frenetic pace here in Chicago and see what a clean slate in Austin may do for us.

It is another odd coincidence that I’d commissioned a redesign before we knew we had to leave, but the plan was already in place to remove the picture of me with my girls against the distant Chicago skyline. When the designer contacted me this week, saying my design was ready, I had completely forgotten that this would be taking place.


Out with the old…

And what timing.

There is now what seems like a blank slate on my blog, with birds that are ready to take flight, mid-flight and perched, ready and waiting, which I suppose describes us all at some point in our lives. Right now, however, I feel we are all three at once, waiting to start a new life, our heart trying to catch up to our head, which is already in Austin.

This decision to leave, as well as one that led us to seek a warmer climate, has a lot to do with the winter we’re experiencing. The bitter, unending cold has done a number on us, and I think we’re due for a break from this chill that had reached my bones and never left, not since December. I am tired of fighting, a winter warrior no more.

My Guy also has a big project deadline in the middle of March that ties him to a client here in the Chicagoland area, but once that’s done, he’s able to be a little more mobile. He could be anywhere. So why not warm, relaxed, liberal Austin?

They say that timing is everything. New look, new city, new life. Clean slate. It’s all coming together.