Thursday, December 12, 2013

Who they are now - December 2013

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Years from now, we’ll have the pictures and the stories I’ve captured of ourselves here, but even then, I think I’m sometimes missing the details. The little things that make us who we are at any given moment. The same details that won’t always stay the same as we’re constantly learning, changing, transforming, growing.

So here’s a snapshot of who the girls are now, as seen from my eyes.

(The pictures below, however, were taken in November by each girl, trying their hand at phone photography.)


Little Miss, 5 years

- has no qualms in saying, “Would you like to play with me?” at playgrounds to girls she meets for the first time. And, so far, they have always said yes, and they’ve always had a good time.
- continues to loathe violin practice, although she is getting a lot better at playing it.
- has always been good with pronunciation, even when she was little, but she still says “yogret, hostipal, and breakfixt”.
- likes to be called “Victoria” when playing pretend games.
- is reading chapter books! She prefers reading adventure and fantasy stories, like “The Magic Tree House” series. She can devour one book in one sitting, in 30 minutes.
- will do anything for chocolate.
- colors inside the lines beautifully and still gravitates towards pink.
- has developed a penchant for My Little Ponies but hasn’t quite graduated from the Disney princesses yet (Ariel being her favorite, Belle a close second).
- has stopped napping, but uses that down time to read, play on the iPad, and other pretend games with her dolls.
- enjoys playing Chutes & Ladders and the Princess Cupcake game (which I admit I enjoy myself), even when she doesn’t always win, so perhaps her tendency to lose sorely is dissipating the more we play.
-  she can be a good big sister, but only if Pickle does exactly as she says.
- loves to boss everyone around, but doesn’t mind following herself if it’s a peer she admires.
- stomps in anger, screams in frustration, and always points out the negative first before noticing the positive (something I’m desperately hoping to change).
- hates anything that requires a lot of effort on her part (like soccer and violin) and loves things that come easily to her (like swimming and acting).
- plays her favorite CD’s over and over again – Disney Princess songs from the movies, “Click, Clack, Boo” soundtrack from a local stage production, and of course, “The Sound of Music”.
- She also loves Vampire Weekend (“Diane Young” is our summer anthem), Black Keys, White Stripes, Chvrches, Of Monsters and Men, and Daft Punk.
- does a good job mimicking her sister, but steals her thunder whenever she can (maybe it’s a first-child thing)
- looks forward to staying at home in her jammies all day, crafting, baking (with chocolate!), having me read to/with her at bedtime, the movies, and dessert.
- loves playing the baby in Baby and Mommy pretend games.
- favorite foods: Roast chicken/duck (especially the skin!), Palak Paneer (Indian dish with spinach and farmers’ cheese), Ethiopian food, Dim Sum, mushroom anything, olives, fries (duh!), eggs, and all things with sugar, except ginger-flavored treats.
- eats anything you put in front of her, but prefers to stay away from tomatoes, unless it’s in a BLT. And who can blame her? Bacon makes everything better.



Pickle, 2.5 years

- stopped calling herself Pickle once I renamed her on the blog and gave her the same nickname she gave herself. (Of course!)
- always wants to know what we ate or are eating if she sees us chewing or smells it on our breath: “What’s that smell? What are you eating? I wanna try it.”
- runs to the kitchen when I’m cooking to taste the food I’m making even before it’s ready, saying “Mmmm” when she likes it and “Blech!” when she doesn’t (like uncooked mushrooms from the cutting board).
- adores her big sister so much that anytime she gets something for herself, she remembers to ask for one for Little Miss too. Always.
- says “I love you so much” out of the blue a lot.
- always the first to notice that the other parent is missing: “Where’s daddy?” and often says throughout the day, “I miss daddy…when’s he coming home?”
- is also called “The Imp” in our house because that’s exactly what she is, taunting Little Miss by skillfully pushing her buttons, or refusing to get dressed by giggling up a storm so it’s hard to even get mad at her.
- says “Pleasa help me,” “Pleasa can I have more?” – it’s pleasa, not please.
- loves to play the mommy in Baby and Mommy pretend games. Her voice always changes, and she’s always going “wunning” and to work when she plays that part.
- wears myriad expressions on her face, making her the family clown; loves to be laughed at and isn’t afraid to laugh at herself.
- adores singing, snacking on yogurt (not yogret, unlike her sister), puppies, kitties (okay, most baby animals), and potty humor. 
- is 90% potty-trained, wearing underwear all day with the exception of nap- and bedtimes.
- cackles more than laughs.
- says, “eighteen, nineteen, eleventeen!” Never twenty.
- likes princesses (Ariel is also her favorite), but I suspect it’s because her sister is into them. She’s happy with any stuffed toy that comes in purple, which has been her favorite color since she could name one (at 18 months, I believe).
- like her sister, salivates at the mention of chocolate.
- is obsessed with the TV show, “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” and loves The Sound of Music.
- eats anything she’s in the mood for, really, especially meat. The girl can eat!
- refers to Tuesdays when relating a story that happened to her, so whether it actually occurred on a Monday, Sunday, or Friday, it always happened “on Tuesday” in her version.
- has tried our coffee (with cream, no sugar) and likes it, so she keeps asking for more.
- will not hesitate to run up to dogs, big and small, to try to pet them (something I hope to curb for her own safety).
- may be losing her lisp, but says “lello” for yellow, just like her sister did, which makes me happy.
- calls herself “Shuga” (Sugar?) when playing pretend games.
- is pretty original; she may be the only kid who’s ever given this voiceover to her Han Solo figurine: “I need to scratch my hair; it’s itchy,” and proceeds to do so with his little fingers on his plastic hair.

I wonder how much will change and how much will remain the same the next time I do this…