Thursday, December 26, 2013

The F word(s) on Christmas Day!

To entertain Little Miss when we’re traveling in the car, we sometimes play “The Letter Game”, which is really “I Spy” without the I spy, and we use letters, like “I see something starting with the word W!” and the rest of us has to guess what that is – Water! Window! Wheels!

We started this when she began sounding out letters over a year ago, and it stuck. It’s still our go-to car game. Even Pickle joins in, although she doesn’t always get it right – I see sumping (something) starting with the letter O!”

”Orange? Oval?”
”Birds!” she squeals excitedly.
”Okaaaay….” we play along. She’s happy; we’re happy. That’s the point of the game after all.

Today, on Christmas Day, the Letter Game popped into my head because everywhere I looked, I saw something – many things, in fact – starting with the letter F.

photo (75)

Family, especially those who left 78-degree weather to be here for the 8(!) degrees with which we welcomed them on the day they arrived.

photo (73)
Fabulous gifts and surprises.

photo (78)

Freedom from my second most hated chore (ironing being the first). Thank you, honey!

photo (79)

and sons in (and around) the kitchen!

photo (76)

Five-mile run in frigid temps.

photo (77)

who joined us for our feast.

photo (74)

Full, felicitous heart, grateful for the most wonderful Christmas ever.

*  *  *

If you had to describe your Christmas celebration with one letter, one would your letter be?