Monday, November 25, 2013

The day she turned five

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Little Miss turned five on November 13. I used to be on top of things, and I’d have something written and ready the night before so a “Happy Birthday!” post would be published the day of her very special day. Except I’m not that person anymore. This blog is still suffering from a backlog, so here’s the belated post, many days late but with no less love.

On her birthday, a little over a week ago on Wednesday, Little Miss asked to skip preschool. We said yes and even offered her her choice of museums as a treat. She picked the Adler Planetarium (good choice) but after waking to Christmas in November in the morning, Little Miss Homebody decided to – surprise surprise – stay home to play with her presents and craft instead.

photo 2 (14)

In her new Ariel, her favorite princess, nightgown that her grandparents sent her in the mail, which she wore all week.

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I had to pull a craft out of my ass that morning because I so was not prepared for that request. Here, they’re making Fall trees.

It was understandable that she didn’t want to leave the house. I wouldn’t have that much patience to wait to get back to my gifts either, let alone an eager five-year-old with her haul. (OMG. She’s five years old! FIVE!)


Naturally, a day – no, a week – all about Little Miss was her little slice of heaven as it involved nearly everything she loves, like Dim Sum (Chinese brunch), princess-y toys, the entire collection of the Magic Tree House books, new PJ’s for her favorite Pajama Days at home, and a lovely Afternoon Tea, or High Tea, as we call it in Malaysia. 

  photo 2 (15)

Going for the most chocolatey-looking thing they could see first. Of course.

When the tower of sugar arrived, the girls could scarcely contain themselves, We had to swat their little fingers off like flies, trying to quickly grab a picture or two (and I think that’s all we got) before they descended on the treats like locusts. My Guy and I had to convince them to eat at least two sandwiches, which were thankfully presented in cute, mini shapes so they were an easier sell, before they downed the pastries.

photo 4 (12)
My favorite picture of my favorite people in the world from the evening.

We also did a lot of “no, no, please be careful” and “no, no, please don’t touch that", wincing every time the two-year-old’s fingers grabbed, touched, pointed at a delicate Victorian plate or decor. The bull in the china shop has nothing on my kids in this elegant pastry shop. Seriously.

photo 1 (16)

Sometimes I have to force myself to remember, “the mom stays in the picture.”

In the end, much sugar was consumed and no plates or cups were broken in the making of this birthday girl’s dream come true. And Little Miss felt like a little lady with a teacup to her mouth and her pinky in the air, just as she had hoped. Then she told us she didn’t like the herbal apricot tea.

We expected that as we’d omitted the sugar in her tea. Can you blame us?

That evening, at bedtime, she wrote in her Happy Journal – a gift from me for her fifth birthday – the three things that made her happy that day, and the entry looked like this. (Yes, yes, I know. A journal is supposed to be private, but maybe she wouldn’t mind sharing just this one time? After all, this is the girl who told everyone – including strangers – my age every chance she had. You know what they say about payback…)

photo (37)


Nothing earth-shattering, really. But these were the things that made my five-year-old happy that day. And on her birthday, that’s all that matters right?


photo 3 (12)

Next up, The Birthday Party. Wait till you see what she wrote in her journal about that! Oh right, no more revealing secrets. Bad mommy. Bad, bad mommy.