Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Blogging backlog

We are both spacing out in the car when I look back at Pickle, who meets my gaze and simply says, “I don’t want to be a bluebird, mommy.”

I have no idea what she means.

We haven’t been talking for a few minutes, and even in our conversations before this, there was no mention of birds, blue or otherwise. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in her head.

It’s our weekly trip to the grocery store, and things are starting to feel pretty normal again. Since my last post here, which was just before Halloween, nearly three weeks ago (gasp!), things went a little crazy, and I didn’t think I could ever catch up. I’m still not there yet, in fact, but not being here, not writing, is also making me a little stabby, so here I am.

Let’s start with Halloween.


photo 3


After weeks of anticipation (costumes! bucket load of candy! strangers with candy! strangers giving away their candy! eating strangers’ candy! candy for breakfast! candy for lunch! candy for dinner! squee!) it rained heavily that day. It was the only day that rained that week. 

My daughters, also known as the Witch and her Black Kitty for the day, went to school with their costumes in a bag for their little Halloween party, but by the time we picked them up at the end of the day for trick-or-treating, Pickle had already soiled hers. Diarrhea, apparently.

Of course.

Little Miss braved the elements to go trick-or-treating with her daddy, because, come on, what could possibly come between a four-year-old and her candy? I stayed home with Pickle, who seemed a little out of sorts, but then something magical happened. The rain finally stopped.

And since I found Little Miss’ old Ladybug costume, I couldn’t just keep Pickle from the festivities so I called My Guy, who came back for us, and we managed to hit a few more houses before it started pouring on us again. By then they already had enough candy to last them till Easter, so we called it a night and made our way to a neighbors’ Halloween party, and a great time was had by all. At least it was a happy ending to a shitty day. Hah!

Oh, did I mention My Guy and I went in costume too? We went as characters from…drum roll please…Star Trek! I know, what a big surprise. Because of the wet, chaotic day, we hardly took pictures of ourselves, sadly, so here’s the few we managed.

photo 1

I think My Guy was just as excited about his costume than the girls were about theirs. Probably even more so since he was the first one to dress up that day – this was 9am!

photo 2

We practiced at home: “Trick or treat!”

And that’s about all the pictures we have from Halloween, which is too bad since it’s the first time that all four of us were in costume. Maybe we’ll have a little picture do-over in December. Or January. That’s just how we roll these days. Ever so slooooowly.

There’s more that happened since then, but I recently started to convince myself to try a new blogging style. I used to think that I could just save up all my words for an infrequent post to save time as I always seemed to be behind on something, but then it became so arduous because there’s often too much to say, too many pictures to share, and the thought of it would overwhelm me, and suddenly it all seemed too difficult and I couldn’t even begin anymore, let alone finish a post. 

This time, I’m going to try the opposite. Write less with each blog, but post more often. Perhaps then I won’t be overcome by anxiety that I never have enough time to write.  I just need to do it in smaller, more manageable chunks.

So here you have it: Chunk One.

Done. Exhale. Toddler’s still napping, and I can even move on to the next task on my list.

Wow. I like this already.