Monday, September 16, 2013

Winter is coming


"El Scorcho" by Weezer echoed throughout our house, and I sang along, trying to catch the attention of my girls who were concentrating on their masterpieces, "I'm a lot like you, so please, hello, I'm here, I'm waiting…I think I'd be good for you, and you'd be good for me…"

Then I explained to them, "You know, I first heard this song from the mixed "tape" (it was actually a CD) that your daddy gave me when we first got together many years ago."

No response. Colors and brush strokes trumped romantic history. Who cares? We have pink and purple. 

On Sunday, it rained all morning, all afternoon, and all evening. Our ambition to go outside often dissolves with water, so we stayed in our jammies inside the house all day. 


In the 13 hours that the girls were up, we rolled around in bed, ate all three meals and two snacks at home, they read their first comic book together, painted several masterpieces (and ignored my story - hrmph!), had a dance party with their daddy, and watched two PBS shows in the morning and one movie (Chicken Run) in the evening. While Pickle napped, four-year-old Little Miss played games on her iPad and read some books.

Weaving in and out of activities with the girls, the rainy Fall weather inspired me to sort and organize the girls' clothes - it's time for jackets, knits, and tights - , and since I was already productive, I did some laundry, hand washed(!!!) two pairs of fabric shoes that have seen better days, reorganized our wet bar downstairs so we can shorten the time between craving a Manhattan and drinking one (yes, priorities!), tidied the girls dresser drawers, packed the girls' outfits for our trip to Florida this week, and even had time for a four-mile run, albeit in the pouring rain. (I called it all-condition training for my upcoming half marathon, but really, I just needed to get outside for a bit.)

My Guy did his fair share and hung up some pictures that had been gathering cat hair for weeks, cleaned the kitchen after he made us all breakfast and lunch, removed the trash, supervised all of the girls'  rainy day fun, and replaced faulty bulbs around the house. 

I marveled at how much we accomplished as a family on a rainy Sunday. 

But I also realized just how much work it took for us to keep the kids at home and entertained, and shuddered at the thought of the months ahead. At the height of summer, we left the house at least once a day so the kids had somewhere to go with all that energy, and the thought of being snowed in for several days at a time short-circuited my brain a little. What would we do? 

I guess we will do what we have always done in all the snow days before this. Except with seasonal amnesia, it's just hard to recall how we ever survived each season's challenges. Yet, summer is over, and we didn't kill each other from having to stay in on too-hot-to-be-outside days, I survived applying sunscreen on two squirmy kids every time we went out even with a two-year-old that always prematurely and firmly announced, "Me done! Me done!", and we managed to cope with the abundance of sand in our house (and in our hair).

And those were the things I dreaded as spring buds found their way to barren branches earlier this year. We will somehow survive winter.

Meanwhile, there is some Fall to be had, and with it, all its joys and pleasures, as I eagerly look forward to inhaling the comforting scent of mulling spice, nourishing our soul with soup, picking apples and then pumpkins, baking to keep warm, running in cool, crisp weather at any time of the day (which means, sayonara alarm clock!), replacing sandals with boots, abandoning pedicures (and the guilt from neglecting my toes), and dressing these little girls in layers.



I think I'm finally ready to say goodbye to summer and embrace all that is lovely and amazing about Fall.

But you, Winter, you can wait.