Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sweet nothings

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I am running into some serious writer’s block. This is my fifth, and hopefully last, draft of this post, which I was hoping to dedicate to my family for Valentine’s Day for obvious reasons. I think I should just throw in the towel and accept that sometimes, there are no words.

And maybe, sometimes, we don’t need any.

Like the time when my girls climbed into bed first thing in the morning and my eyes were still closed from sleep when the little one placed soft, sweet little kisses all over my face, and her sister followed suit until I opened my eyes to greet them. That alone said more than any words ever could, and my heart is still brimming with joy from that moment.

Or the time when My Guy came all the way home in between a work day full of meetings just so I could get my regular run in. Without my asking. Maybe he did it because he knows how much running means to me, or maybe he’d rather not face the cranky me when I miss it. Either way, I love that in the middle of a crazy day, he still found the time to put me first.

Or the time when I chose to forgo the pretty red paper for the Valentine hearts on our banner and went with pink and purple instead even though I’m not a fan of either. But my gesture was returned in spades just seeing the girls light up at their favorite color each time they look at the banner.

Along the same lines, tonight, despite my years of anti-Hallmark-Valentine, I have a cheesy Valentine’s Day celebration planned for my family. Literally, as there’ll be cheese and chocolate fondue, hearts, and candy, but please, don’t tell my girls. It’s a surprise.

It’s also the very least I can do, especially when words fail me, for the people who teach me everyday that when it comes to love, it’s not always what you say; it’s what you do.


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Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours.