Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ghoul and goblin

WitchOLantern‘Twas the night before Halloween, when this important lesson took place:

Me: Say trick or treat.
Thumper: Treat!
Me: Trick…or…treat.
Thumper: Treat!

Well, I guess she knows what she wants.

I’m just glad she’s not able to pick her own costume yet as she had to go with yet another hand-me-down from Little Miss.

As for her sister, she chose to be a princess (surprise, surprise), but when she chose Merida, Disney’s latest and most progressive warrior princess, I was truly surprised. And ecstatic.

I think I hit the “Buy” button on before she could even finish her sentence. If it had to be a princess, at least it was one I could stomach. No prince or white knight needed to save this princess; she can take care of herself and kick ass while doing so, thankyouverymuch. 

As for Thumper, by the end of the evening, she had mastered the whole trick-or-treat routine:

1. Walk up to strange people smiling with bowls in their hands.
2. Say “Treat!” (although it sounded more like cheat).
3. Get shiny thing in Elmo basket.
4. Say “Dinkiew”.
5. Receive compliments and see proud mama beaming.
5. Examine shiny thing in Elmo basket; pick one up to hold in hand, just in case others get lost or stolen by sister in weird hairdo.
6. Move on to next stranger with a bowl. Especially ones that say “help yourself”.


I’d say more about Little Miss’ experience except she was often four houses ahead of us, in her own world with a couple of friends a little older than her. She wouldn’t even slow down for pictures, probably worried they’d run out of candy or that she’d be left behind. Neither happened, of course, but there’s just no reasoning with a kid focused on candy. Hence the blurry pictures. In fact, we’re lucky we got any of them together at all.


At the end of the day, my girls were replaced by a ghoul and a goblin who ran laps in their bedroom before spending the rest of the night in bed, chanting, giggling, conversing. While I wasn’t too thrilled that they were still up at 10pm, I was grateful that they were behind closed doors.

Because wrangling kids is bad enough, but kids with candy? Oh. my. lord.

Thank goodness Halloween comes but once a year.


* * *

Hope you had a great Halloween yourself!