Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Little legs


That's My Guy and Little Miss making the steep ascent towards the San Felipe del Morro castle, in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. That was this morning.

What you see here is a lovely verdant green hill that rises up to meet the azure sky. But what you don't hear is this:

"My legs are tired...Can you please carry me?... I want water...I've been walking for a long time...Can I just sit and rest?...Where are we going now?...My legs are tired...May I please have more water?...Yes, it's pretty, but can we go to the pool now?...Where is the ocean?...No, where is my ocean, the one I can swim in?...Are we going back to the hotel yet?...I'm really tired...When are we going to get ice cream?..."

Yes, we're quite enjoying our vacation. For the most part, anyway.

p.s. To her credit, we did hike a great deal around the old (and rather hilly) city today. And she did get to go to the pool. And the ocean.

Everybody's happy in the end.

* * *

Hope you have a great weekend yourself. See you when we get back!