Monday, October 1, 2012

Change is good

Why, hello there! Welcome back. It’s been a little over two months since I last published a post on this space. I’ve had many in my head in the eight weeks I’ve been away, but none that have found their way here. It’s a shame really, because just as I decided to take a break, so many momentous things happened.

Thumper started walking, for one. During our vacation, nonetheless. We flew into Asheville, NC and met with some friends at a local brewery right after we arrived at the airport. That’s when she decided to take her first steps. When we weren’t looking. Of course.

First flight, followed by her first steps, at 14 months. And that same night, the girls slept together in the same room for the first time. So many firsts! Guess she was a busy girl that day.

Thumper_Aerobics  She doesn’t just walk now; she even does aerobics apparently.

Having them sleep together on vacation worked so well that the very evening we arrived home, we decided to move Thumper out of our room and into her sister’s. They’ve been there since.

Some nights, through the monitor, we’d hear, “Be quiet, Thumper! I’m trying to sleep!”, and on other nights, we’d hear Little Miss reassuring her fussy sister, “Thumper, it’s okay, I’m here. It’s okay...”. Mostly, it’s quiet in their room, and I’m in awe that this transition has been so incredibly easy for us.

Speaking of transitions, Little Miss started a new preschool. She didn’t care for the idea, but there were at least no tears on her first day. It’s a little over three weeks now, and she has made new friends - ones she hugs when she leaves school. Something tells me she’s fine with this change. But then again, she has never had a problem with change. In fact, this girl thrives in it, and it thrills me to see her meeting every challenge with such gusto.

This decision to switch schools also made a huge impact on our family. Instead of the 20-minute drive each way to get her to and from school, we now just walk five minutes down the street. Well, 10 with Thumper in tow.

LittleMiss_FirstDaySchoolOn our way to her first day in the new school

This change means we’re a little less frazzled in the morning, we don’t eat breakfast on the go, we don’t have to juggle one car for various needs, and we even save money on gas! But the best part is that I get to hold my daughter’s hand while she talks about her day in school on our way home.

I know it doesn’t seem like much, but for someone who has recently opened her eyes to see the beauty in the ordinary, I can’t think of anything better than feeling the warmth of our clasped hands and the tug from her jaunt, which tells me that my girl is happy.

That this change is good. That change, in general, is good.

As I settle back into my old-but-new routine, sending my older girl to school and spending the day with my toddler who is quickly leaving her babyhood behind, I ache to see the disappearing chubs from her cheeks and the once unsteady feet that have now learned to walk, no run, away from me.

Then I remind myself, over and over again, that change is good.

But I grapple with these changes myself - the ones that my daughters seem to master so easily and so well. I try to remember (and take comfort in the fact) that at least those little feet that walk away still do find their way back to me.

And right beside me, as we trod synchronously on the path that lead us home.

One step at a time.