Monday, July 23, 2012

Time flies, and I want to catch it!

I was searching for something in my Inbox the other day and found this precious picture of Little Miss, dated Aug 25, 2010. My Guy, who was always the one to dress and send her to daycare while I was already at work, sent me this (and many others as part of the morning routine) to make me smile. 

When I saw this again this time, I more than smiled. My heart. It did something. My eyes did even more. I couldn’t believe that that girl is the same as the one here:


How did that happen? More importantly, how did I not notice?

Or maybe I did. Like the nights when I hoisted her gangly appendages that were draping from the bed back under the covers when she was fast asleep. Or when she impressed me with her negotiating prowess – this one is about our trip home from the suburbs, an hour away:

Little Miss: Can I please watch a show on the DVD player?
Me: It’s close to bedtime, and you’ll probably be tired after the party. How about you just rest?
Little Miss: No, I don’t want to… I know! How about I do two things at the same time? I can watch the show and rest while I’m doing that.


(In case you’re wondering, she did neither. She ended up giggling and singing with her sister in the backseat instead).

And speaking of singing, if you’re ever in the same room with Thumper and you hear “Ba Ba Ba Ba…” to the tune of the ABC song, it’s not a coincidence. My 13-month-old can actually “sing” that song! Both My Guy and I were agog when we heard her do it once a couple of days ago, but we thought it was a fluke. Until she did it again. And again. And again.

Another “how did that happen?” moment.

Raising kids is the very definition of how time flies isn’t it?

< > < > < >

We’re going on vacation in two days. We’ll be gone for 10 days, and we’re over the moon! Thanks to the generosity of family and friends, we’re able to make this vacation happen. A time away from our routine. A real break! And I’d like to take this break seriously.

Little Miss goes back to preschool at the end of August, and I want to truly relish these precious few days with her, as well as her sister. I’m so focused on keeping my baby as the baby that sometimes I gloss over this other girl of mine who is growing, growing, growing. She’s my first baby, and she needs me too.

They both do.

And that’s why I think this is a great time for me to take a blogging break for awhile so I can turn my focus completely on them. There will be road trips and meltdowns, mountains and oceans, family and friends – it will be a fantastic vacation. And it will probably also suck a little (or a lot) with two young kids in tow.

But it’s our first vacation since we both quit our corporate jobs. A first where neither My Guy nor I have to check with a boss or put in a request for time away. We just picked the dates, checked with our hosts and we’re off! It’s so liberating. What a great validation for all the blood, sweat and tears we’ve put in to make this life work for us.

And it’s time to savor it.

Especially when there is so much goodness and so little time. I want to make every waking moment count.



* * *

Enjoy the rest of your summer. See you in a few weeks!