Friday, July 6, 2012

Photo Friday: Heat wave

There’s a heat wave sweeping across most of the country. Here at Chez Landed, we’re pulling out all the stops to battle the unbearable temperatures.


Our oasis about 100 feet from our home. Nothing like a cool, sometimes icy, dip in Lake Michigan to shake off the 100-degree blues.


But we also can’t go wrong with chocolate ice cream for the big kid. 

And daytime treat for grown-ups.

No clothes, no shoes, no problem! In fact, it’s preferred.


I wonder what the cat’s trying to say to us.

Forget the hot stove, let someone else cook. At this drive-in, we don’t even need to leave the air-conditioned car for quintessential Chicago hotdogs and chocolate malts. Win-win!

Night-time treat for grown-ups. Zzz's for kids, margaritas for us.


These are pictures from my Instagram collection. I just realized that what spontaneously ends up on Facebook or in other social media platforms doesn’t always appear on the blog. Since this space is dedicated to my girls, it’s probably a good idea for me to compile them here as well for posterity.

Do you inadvertently use Facebook (or other social media outlets) to document family life too?