Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So this is what perfect feels like


Some days there are no tears. At all.

Some days the three-year-old is so full of Okay mommy’s and Yes daddy’s that you wonder, is this really my child?

Some days the kids, who’ve been in nap purgatory, transitioning from one stage to another (two naps to one, one to none), which means who knows what the sleep gods bring, nap for you beautifully.

Some days your preschooler does well enough in her first drop-off gymnastics class, listening to instructions and working well as a team, that you know when you actually do decide to drop her off next time, she will be fine.

Some days both kids play so well together and apart that all of the things you needed to get done while they’re asleep and awake do get done, which leaves room for leisurely time at the beach with friends!

Some days the weather is so perfect that the sun is just hot enough for icy Lake Michigan to feel cool and divine on your skin. And even your kids manage to enjoy a dip in the lake as well.


Some days mealtimes go without a hitch; both kids down their food without so much as a nudge from you, and you wonder, did I really do that? (No, not really. But it still feels good.)

Some days bedtime is delayed because of the uncharacteristic naptime, but no one minds it as the evening culminates in smiles, kisses and lights out all around.

* * *

This is just one of those days. A day of parenting wins. Except I don’t think our parenting had anything to do with it.

Honestly, we didn’t do anything differently today. We offered rewards for good behavior as we often do, and as with all things parenting, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Today, the stars were aligned. A perfectly uneventful day. An uneventfully perfect day.

It’s days like these that make those impossibly hard ones seem bearable. As parents, we need this don’t we? We tell ourselves, it’s rewarding, we love our kids, we can do this, it gets better...and it’s all true, but on a really tough day, we need more than words. We need a day like today as a reminder.

That it can happen. Does happen. And when it does, oh man!

The fact of the matter is, we have no more control over a perfect day with the kids than when Halley’s Comet decides to show. It just does. Every 76 years.

Today kinda felt like that. Unreal, amazing, and so rare.

Because we know better than to expect this every day.