Tuesday, May 15, 2012

50 words


Sleeping in. Cinnamon rolls. Going back to bed after breakfast. Tulips. Not-so-secret cards. Happy, healthy girls. Glorious sunshine. Shopping. Downtown Chicago. Cute dresses. Iced caramel latte. Millennium Park. Chili cheese dog.  Curly fries. Family nap! Marvel’s The Avengers (O.M.G – Go watch it!). Beer-can chicken. Collard greens. No cooking for me.

That was my Mother’s Day in 50 words or less.

Why? Because of deadlines. As a work-from-home mom, the work part is threatening to engulf the other parts of my life this week. Hence this abbreviated post. And that was exactly 50 words, in case you’re wondering.

PritzkerPavillionThumper’s first Mother’s Day. At one of my favorite structures in the city – Jay Pritzker Pavillion

However, even if I had the time to write 500 or 5,000 words, it still wouldn’t be enough to capture all  that I want to say to the people who turned all these things, mostly ordinary on their own, into one extraordinary day for me.

But since I made up the 50-words rule, I guess I could break it. Actually, I’ll make an amendment: Mother’s Day in 52 words or less. Just so I could fit in two more really important words to my family: Thank you.

For this day. For this life. With you.

Fine. Make that 60.

MyLoveseverything I love, right in front of me

*  *  *

How was your Mother’s Day? Do you have a family tradition or is it something different every year? Do you have a favorite memory, whether it’s celebrating your own or your mom’s special day?