Friday, April 20, 2012

Six Word Fridays: On hold or hold on?

Here I join Melissa for Six Word Fridays. Today’s topic: Hold

Six Word Fridays

On hold or hold on? Hmm…
I sometimes feel it is time
for a break from my blog.

I post once weekly to breathe,
to find time for other things,
but as memory-keeper, I don’t think
the frequency, or the lack thereof,
does our memories or stories justice.

To cram in full lives within
a blog post to follow schedule
seems to undermine authenticity and spontaneity.

But better than not writing…maybe?
I don’t know; I am torn.
I write but it feels forced.
My writing’s showing signs of wear.

Yet, to quit now feels wrong.

All these words about Little Miss,
my firstborn who inspired my blog,
but to give up while Thumper
is not even a year old
doesn’t seem fair to my secondborn.

She deserves her own stories too.

When she looks back in search
of the childhood she can’t remember,
she’ll know what she was like
as the baby of our family.

How much we adore this girl,
who loves to eat and move
to any music - always in rhythm.
If I don’t write these down
will we remember? Will she know?

EaterAnother food picture! Well, at least
from her stories, she’ll understand why.

But is it better to write
or to live in the moment
of these little tales, I wonder.
If I find time for one
Will I be negating the other?

Mama’s guilt, writer’s guilt – always guilty!

So I’m feeling a little lost
Unsure if I should hold on
for their sake or just quit
for mine; who knows? I don’t.

* * *

While I’m trying to decide, I will be participating in next week’s bloggy carnival, Five for Five, over at Momalom, where bloggers get together to write about a different topic each day. Maybe it will renew my fervor for writing and resuscitate my blogging. Or maybe I’ll realize that I will no longer be able to keep up. We shall see…

Nonetheless, I’m excited to be doing this again, and I hope you will join me next week. Check back every day starting Monday for a new post. Until then, happy weekending!