Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More spring less break


Last week was Spring Break for my three-year-old. Let’s just say it was more spring (as in the kind in our mattress) and less break as I tried to keep up with a mobile, teething infant and a restless, energetic preschooler.

After three (exhausting) days at home, we spent the next three at a water park resort for a staycation not too far from home. We’re a family of water babies so it was a good trip - just exotic enough to take us away from the same ole same ole (as long as we didn’t look out our window, that is), but close enough to not feel like we spent most of our time and energy traveling.

Hello suburbia!

We shared a one bedroom suite, where the baby first slept in a separate room so the rest of us could stay up a little more. Or a lot more as a certain wide-eyed three-year-old surreptitiously bought herself three more hours past her bedtime. I blame the Spring Break sugar. (Malt! Ice cream! Lollipop! Chocolate muffin!)

When we did drift off to sleep, we began at our respective beds, but somehow by the middle of the night, I found myself sandwiched between two little girls in one bed. I would complain except I secretly relished it. I’ve not slept with Little Miss in my bed since…well, ever.  Thumper has been in her crib since her eighth month, and I’ve been missing having her beside me. The snuggling was definitely the highlight of my trip.

Sandwiched – my new favorite state

Little Miss, however, has a different favorite. She loved going down those crazy tube slides with her daddy the most. My little daredevil even slid down intricate ones on her own! She definitely didn’t get this from me.

The kiddie pool slide was all I did. I wouldn’t even look at the rest, let alone try them. It’s just not my thing. Like roller coasters. But My Guy, the thrill seeker, is the complete opposite. I guess she is her daddy’s girl. I looked at the tubes that snaked and looped around the outside of the building, and I shuddered. Little Miss and My Guy saw adventure!




I wondered what Thumper would be like. If her giggles as she went down the biggest slide in the kiddie pool were any indication, I would say she’s going to be in daddy’s camp. That means I’m a party of one, but that’s fine by me. I would be just as happy cheering from the sidelines. Someone has to hold the camera, bags, coats and water bottles right?

Child’s play for this child

This is more Little Miss’ speed

I was incredibly proud of my brave girl, and My Guy was elated to finally have a partner in crime. People asked about my daughter’s age when they saw her small frame emerge from one of the bigger slides all by herself, surprised she’s only three. We were both thinking, that girl at the top of this monstrous thing? She’s ours.

But the girl crying and screeching, “I don’t want to go home” over and over as we made our way to our car, avoiding eye contact with onlookers who gave us the eye while we dragged our screaming child along on the last day?

Yeah, she’s ours too.