Friday, April 27, 2012

Five for Five: Will he come home tonight?


I was always listening for it
The engine humming, hand brake latching
Door shutting, keys jingling, then whistling
Before I’d secretly cheer, daddy’s home!

I knew it was rather strange
For a girl to be waiting
Wondering when daddy will be home
Is it tonight? Or maybe tomorrow?
No one was ever really sure.

It’s a whim; a daily game
Of will he come home tonight?
But really, shouldn’t he be here
nightly, with his wife and daughter?

I’ve often wanted, but never dared,
to ask: Where do you go
when you’re not here with us?
Maybe it’s good I don’t know.

After years of wondering and waiting
Wishing for the miracle of change
Years of missed birthdays and heartache
I stopped listening for his arrival,
Afraid of what I’d hear instead.

The sound of two hearts breaking
Knowing we would never be enough
Knowing he’d never change, or worse
That we might never stop hoping.


* * *


This is part of Momalom's Five for Five series, where a group of bloggers write about the same five topics in five days. This post responds to the fifth and final topic, Listening.

Also, it’s another “Two-for-One Special” day. Sarah and Jen of Momalom are collaborating with Melissa Camara Wilkins, so this post also links up with other participants for the weekly, Six Word Fridays.


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