Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Five for Five: I said yes!

The words swirled around in my head all day on today’s post. I entertained one angle, then scrapped it and started another. Slowly, something started to take shape in my head, and I was excited to see it crystallize “on paper”.

However, staying home with a baby also meant my schedule was at her mercy. Naturally, the one day I depended on her nap was when she became completely unreliable. The post, unwritten. Still, I wasn’t too worried; I had all evening after my daughters’ relatively early bedtime.

But when they were in bed, My Guy decided to relax a little instead of his usual modus operandi, which was to dive into his work and not resurface until our post-midnight bedtime. Because we very rarely just veg on the couch together, I couldn’t pass up the invitation to watch BBC’s Top Gear with him, and I’m glad I did. Tonight’s episode had us in tears, we were laughing so hard. And the night was young; I still had time for the post.

When the show ended, I thought, finally, no more distractions! I’m getting down to business. I walked over to my computer and saw a message on my screen from a neighbor mom that pretty much said, “We are going to grab drinks tonight – Meet in the courtyard at 8:35?” I looked at the clock. I had 11 minutes!

Now. This NEVER happens. A cow knitting a scarf would be a more common sight than receiving an impromptu invite out with fellow moms who just happen to be available on the same night. And what were the chances that this would happen the night I had all this writing to do? My first response was something to the effect of “I need to write but I want to join you more…”

When I relayed this to My Guy, he was flabbergasted: “Are you kidding? How often does this happen? You need a night out. Your blog can wait.” And this is coming from a guy who bought me a new computer to fuel my blogging, so you know it’s been awhile since this has happened to me. If ever.

He proceeded to offer to take my three-year-old to preschool so I could write in the morning. He was ready to do anything but throw me out of the house to make this night happen for me.

But I had all these words in my head…

I was looking forward to Five for Five to help me resuscitate my blogging.  I also enjoy the virtual camaraderie and the wonderful exchanges that organically happen when we share our experience. Moments and thoughts, feelings and reactions captured by sweet and powerful and endearing and meaningful words…

Except they are just words on screen aren’t they? And however wonderful these people are who wrote them, they’re also ones I’ve never met. Shared experiences or not, they have never seen my preschooler shrieking like a banshee when she’s being chased or my infant army-crawling across the floor.

But these women who invited me tonight? They have. They’re neighbors with kids the same ages as mine. I don’t know them well, but I want to. They are a part of my community here, after all.

And so I said yes.

On this night, there were shared experiences, laughter and even a couple of cocktails among friends. And  those words that were lodged in my head, meant for a blog post to help me regain my virtual life, eventually found their way out.  Spoken. Out loud.

In real life. 




This is part of Momalom's Five for Five series, where a group of bloggers write about the same five topics in five days. This post responds to the second topic, Words.

Also, it’s a “Two-for-One Special” day. Sarah and Jen of Momalom are collaborating with Heather of The Extraordinary Ordinary, so this post also links up with other participants for the weekly Just Write.