Thursday, March 29, 2012

I’m not very good at this - yet

It’s official. I am now a work-at-home mom. WAHM - I have a new acronym! It’s exciting. I’ve never done this. It’s scary - don’t exactly have the W part down yet since I don’t really have anything concrete that delivers sustainable income. So let’s just focus on the exciting part for now. Because scary is always lurking somewhere.

On Monday, my first week at being a WAHM, I was so giddy with all these plans I had. Without a commute and a full-time job downtown, I’d have all this time to do all these things! And so I had (naively) envisioned the following:

1. Pick the preschooler up earlier so we can hang out and spend more time together (to try to make up for the guilt of spending most of the day with the baby).

2. Get domestic! Work on laundry and picking up toys in increments, rather than wait until they become a colossal pile-up that I can’t look at without heart palpitations.

3. Make lunch and dinner.

4. Make my first batch of kale chips - thanks to the new organic produce subscription service, I’ve been more adventurous with my veggie procurement. More time in my hands means more creativity in the kitchen - yay!

5. Make granola bar for breakfast for Little Miss and My Guy.

6. Meet with my ex-boss to talk shop.

7. Write not one but two blog posts. One for myself, and one for a current client.

8. Respond to some great comments from my previous blog post.

9. Lunchtime walk as my workout for the day.

10. Complete two freelance assignments at naptime.

That was all planned for Monday. Not the week. Just Monday. With a child at home nonetheless. <Cue the LMAOs, LOLs and ROTFLMAOs here.> Yeah, this is where some of you SAHMs and WAHMs make snorting noises, you’re laughing so hard. Because you know better.

And now I do too. What an amateur I am!

Here’s what I actually did that day: Kale chips.

Don’t ask. I don’t even know how, of all the things I had planned, this ended up as the only thing that got done. At 10:40 at night.

Oh, and I did make my meeting with my ex-boss (two things!). After the appointment, his status got elevated to “potential client”. (Secret happy dance!)

But I’m still flabbergasted. Kale chips? Really?



Glossary of acronyms:

LMAO: laughing my ass off
LOL: laugh out loud
ROTFLMAO: rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
SAHM: stay-at-home mom
WAHM: work-at-home mom


* * *

Have you ever grossly miscalculated something before? Have you ever had kale chips? (Thankfully, I liked them or else I would’ve been a little peeved that that was the only thing that I accomplished.)