Tuesday, March 6, 2012



I’ve been blogging for over two years now, and while I’d like to say that my girls keep me going in this space, I have to secretly admit that it has a lot to do with Picnik.com. It’s an online photo-editing tool that has been this blog’s best friend for the past year and a half because it actually makes my mediocre pictures look a little more polished. Or fun. Or kooky. Or whatever. It can do just about anything. And it’s wonderfully easy to use.

For me, it’s THE GREATEST TOOL EVER! You know why? Because with it, I will never have to use Photoshop and thank God! That’s the opposite of Picnik. Unlike Photo ”gazillion-menu-options” shop, Picnik is so user-friendly that my cat could make its own LOLcat picture.

But this isn’t a product review. It’s in fact more a eulogy, so to speak, because on April 19, 2012, THE GREATEST TOOL EVER! will be no more. Gone. Kaput. Forever. Google bought it shortly after I started using it, and I (naively) thought, cool! It’s going to be even more fantastic. Well…that didn’t happen.

What happened was Google decided to use most of the Picnik magic for Google+ users so it transferred some of the functionality there, but it’s nowhere near as impressive as what it is now. Or fun. Gone is Picnik’s quirky personality and welcoming interface. It now feels like pure utility. I know Google is about minimalist interfaces but come on already – don’t be the place that fun goes to die (ahem Google+ cough cough).

This Goo-gal, the one who used to be Google this and Google that, is not happy. Yes, italics and underlined – that’s how unhappy I am! I used to think that Google could do no wrong.  Until Buzz happened. Then Wave. And as far as I’m concerned, even Plus. But the worst offense is definitely the demise of Picnik.

OK, I’m done bitching lamenting. Deep breaths.

Now I’m going to take advantage of the last days of THE GREATEST TOOL EVER! and go to town with some of the features I’ve never even played with before. My subjects? My guinea pigs girls of course!


Who’s this little minx? A three-year-old’s not supposed to be posing like this!

That’s more like it.

At Thumper’s sixth-month checkup, her pediatrician was concerned that she wasn’t eating so she recommended a therapist to help her swallow her solids. We thought it was a little extreme and decided to wait. A month and a half later, she ate everything in sight. That’s her “Hah!” face (directed at the doctor).

And that’s her stuffing-my-face face.

This is what happens after the kids go to bed. 
A few of these later, everything starts to look like that doesn’t it?

See? How cool is Picnik? *Sob sob*

Goodbye Picnik. You will be missed.

As for you, Google, for robbing me of THE GREATEST TOOL EVER!, take this:


p.s. As I’m bitching lamenting here, My Guy sends me an IM with a possible new tool I could use even though I never asked him to. God, I love that man!

* * *

Bloggers, Romans and countrymen, do you have any recommendations on what I can use to replace THE GREATEST TOOL EVER!? (No pressure) Remember, it also has to be easy enough for my attention-hungry, fame-seeking cat to use.

This is a Wordful Wednesday Post hosted by Angie over at Seven Clown Circus and Amanda at Parenting by Dummies.