Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sappy family

Warning: This is a sappy Valentine’s Day post.

I know, you’re thinking, wait – what? Isn’t this a little late for a Valentine’s post? Yes, I’m aware of that. Sadly, my virtual self is still trying to catch up to my real life self, so please bear with me. I’m about a week behind, which means next week’s post will be about President’s Day. You can hardly wait, I know.

Anyway, we decided to ditch the lovers’ theme for Valentine’s day and focus on the family or, rather, the girls, instead.  After all, they’re the product of this “love” that we’re supposed to be celebrating, so why not include them? Besides, we’re not the Valentine type. Every year, while others cozied up to play footsies at candlelit restaurants, we were getting our cheap thrills at the Chicago Auto Show, picking our pipedream cars and salivating over fancy fenders. Who says romance is dead? We hold hands when we’re there!

This year we brought the girls and made it a family affair. As much as it hurts me to sound this cheesy in public, it’s our celebration of love. And honestly, it was the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had.

Because we made this about our daughters, it felt like a real holiday to me. We made cards, I surprised my chocoholic three-year-old with homemade chocolate fondue and My bacon-loving Guy with bacon-wrapped dates, put on heart-themed outfits (the girls, not us), stuffed our faces with more candy than even Willie Wonka can handle, and we even got presents. And thus a new tradition was born.

I’m sure this isn’t new in many households but it is in ours. That’s what being a family is all about isn’t it? Creating new traditions and breathing new life to celebrations from our past. Finding and giving meaning to our lives in ways that resonate with us. Why not? Isn’t life what we make of it?

Here’s that life in pictures (and some words):

On Valentine’s, I came home to an empty house while My Guy picked the girls up from preschool and daycare, and I walked in to cards, presents and surprise treats that My Guy strategically arranged right by the entrance for his girls. (Of all the sweet treats I had that day, he’s the sweetest – I know, I know, cough, cough, barf)


Auto Show: Is that romance I smell in the air? Oh no. It’s the new-car smell. Same difference, I guess.


Bacon and dates, match-made in heaven. Just like us. Ahem. (I warned you about the cheese. Oh, there’s that too. Stuffed inside the dates).

bacon dates 

Little Miss Goofball in her heart-themed outfit, enjoying her heart-themed treats and heart-themed gifts. Can anyone OD on too many hearts? Although as a little girl, her threshold’s pretty high.


Our little cupid. Gratuitous baby shot. Because I can.


* * *

What new traditions have you created with your family?
What new twists have you introduced to the celebrations from your past?