Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Three versions of the same holiday

Our version
Every year during Christmas, we would pack our family to spend the occasion with family or friends. This year, we decided to be low key and stayed in. Then it hit us – we finally get to play Santa! For the first time, we were able to create the myth of jolly St. Nick for our three-year-old, and it was wonderful seeing Little Miss get excited about this man that all kids her age revere.


She was rather consistent with her wish list (“I want a black bunny, a snake and Darth Vader for Christmas”), which we definitely used to our advantage when she misbehaved. “Do you want to get on the Naughty List?” The imminent threat of coal got her to expel the demon inside her pretty effectively.

Made me wonder, why can’t Christmas come every month?

On Christmas Eve, we baked cookies together, and Little Miss completed the last Lego figure of her Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar – needless to say, this family of geeks and would-be geeks were big fans. Little Miss built a figure a day with her daddy each evening before bedtime, except when he was called away to work and that’s when I took over. I got to build an X-Wing one evening but on another, I was puzzled at the structure in my hand until Little Miss simply said, “That’s a TIE Fighter mommy”. Right. Of course.

On Christmas day, after presents, I spent my time on the holiday meal, which turned out much like a traditional Thanksgiving feast because we had a somewhat unconventional one at a friend’s place this year. Truthfully, I really wanted some leftover turkey so I could make soup, pasta, casserole, sandwiches, you name it. I was a fiend for leftover makeovers. And so what did I do? Made Thanksgiving Part II on Christmas.


After everyone else went to bed that night, My Guy and I finally took the time to kick back with some seasonal ale, both happy and grateful for the chance to create part of the wonder of Christmas for our girls. Trying to instill the spirit of the holiday in them helped us see and appreciate its magic ourselves.

And everyone could use a little magic in their lives don't you think?

Little Miss’ version

Daddy got me a Lego "allecalendar” (she never could remember to say "Advent Calendar”) and we made a new Lego toy every day! It’s so cool!

Then we made cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. I like playing with the flour. It’s so cool!


We left Santa some cookies and milk so he won’t get hungry while sending all those presents to all the little kids, and when I “waked” up, they were all gone! He ate them all up. I “sink” he liked it. It’s so cool!

Then we got to open our presents! Santa got me lots and lots of presents! I got my black bunny, my snake and my Darth Vader! And so many more things. It’s. So. Cool!

Thumper’s version
Well, then. Good. For. Her. Here’s how my holiday went down:

A hand-me-down birthday bib on Christmas? Gee. Thanks. Not only is it a hand-me-down, they didn’t even bother to get the occasion right!


And don’t even get me started on the Christmas outfit. Oh my dignity.
At the holiday table, they thought they’d tease me with a turkey leg.

Except I showed ‘em. Hah!

* * *
How was your holiday? Care to share your version?