Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saying 30 thanks and saving 1 life


There was a little meme going around the Internet (or was that only Facebook? I’m not sure) where, instead of celebrating and honoring all the things for which we’re grateful on just one Thanksgiving Day in November, people are expressing their gratitude each of the 30 days of that month. When I found out about it, I was already a week too late. But are we ever late in showing gratitude?

So here are 30 of mine in one post, compiled for your convenience (I’m considerate like that) but if you really don’t have the time for all of them, please, please skip to the very last one:

1. My Guy, without whom there wouldn’t be Our Family

2. Little Miss for all the free stand-up, sit-down, laying-around comedy around the house

3. Thumper for always waking me up with the most beautiful, infectious smile, which is the only way to make those occasional 5am mornings bearable

4. My mom, who fills the gaps and helps in more ways than I can count

5. Coffee, which gets me going even when I don’t want to

6. Alcohol for when the going gets tough

7. Kind and friendly neighbors who make my new community feel more small-town than big-city

9. Our small town big city that never ceases to shrink or grow in size, depending on what we need

10. Friends who, in spite of having a full house, still invite us to spend Thanksgiving with them in their home

11. Not having to prepare and cook the entire Thanksgiving meal by myself (Phew!)

12. Clothing stores that carry clothes in sizes that are smaller than I really am

13. Denial because I want to believe those stores

14. The sound machine that drowns out a certain preschooler while the infant sleeps

15. Louise Erdrich’s memoir, “The Blue Jay’s Dance”, for some of the most breathtakingly and achingly beautiful words and imagery associated with motherhood

16. My grey cat, Macavity, who is more dog than my dog

17. Chocolate because I can use it to bribe my daughter

18. Bribery because it’s better than time-outs

19. Time-outs, when all else fails

20. Plastic, Wood and Paper for all the entertainment and storage that seem pivotal in raising kids

21. Recycling, see number 20

22. Saturday and Sunday mornings for obvious reasons

23. A movie like Drive that reminds me that I can still have a schoolgirl crush (on Ryan Gosling) even though I’m way, waaaay past that age

24. Ryan Gosling (like you didn’t see that coming)

25. Family restaurants that don’t require kids to use their inside voices (because really, what’s that?)

26. Breastfeeding because I burn 500 calories without having to lift a finger

27. The Internet for the incredible community that embraces me with their love and generosity - the space may be virtual, but the friends are for real

28. Sleeping babies because how else will I finish writing this post?

29. Readers like you who make me feel a little less crazy for staying up instead of sleeping just to complete this post

(And last but certainly not least)
30. My health*

*I know many of us are thankful for our health. Yet we’re not all equally blessed. While we’re grateful for the life  that we have, let’s remember those who are fighting to keep theirs.

One such person is Ashley Quinones, a.k.a. Kidney Cutie, who needs a kidney transplant. She is the sister of Kelly Quinones, a fellow blogger at The Miller Mix, who is part of my community here in this space. And what do people in a community do? They help each other out.

I know you don’t know them, but in reality, neither do I. Yet, just think, if this was your mother, sister, daughter, aunt or best friend, wouldn’t you want to have your community, real or virtual, rally behind them? And so we do.

In the season of giving, please donate. Spread the word. Save a life.

Ashley’s life.

* * *

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.

Tell me, what are you thankful for this season?

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