Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekending: Punkins! (Part One)

As parents, we learn that we don’t have all the answers. In fact, we realize that the longer we’re at this gig, the more questions we have. Here is our latest:

Why do we go to a pumpkin patch / carnival just to procure a pumpkin that we could get for much, much cheaper (because it doesn’t involve carnival rides and overpriced doughnuts) at the neighborhood grocer?

Oh right. It’s for the pictures (and a pretty fantastic time). Hey, at least we know the answer to this question.

Bounce baby bounce


My very own hell’s angel, although I use the term, angel, loosely

Horse-drawn cart in corn field. Yes, we’re in the Midwest. How can you tell?

Little Miss loves rides with her daddy (the braver parent)

Her favorite part – she did this twice!

No rides for this girl, but she’s still happy in her grandma’s arms


Not a whimper, not a fuss. This baby is cool like that


She picked the shape (kitty) and the color (pink, of course)

The requisite pumpkin shot


Time to head home for the carving (part two, coming soon-ish)

How was your weekend?


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