Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weekend means…

The weekend used to mean yoga in the mornings and a leisurely coffee and pastry date with My Guy after my class at the cafe by our house. It would involve a concert or a movie in the evenings and plenty of time to just chill on the couch. And a chore didn’t feel like one when I had all the time in the world to wander around the numerous aisles at the grocery store, taking my time, reading labels and contemplating future meals.

I don’t remember what that feels like now. With two kids, this is what it’s like for us these days:

Weekend means…

- trying to cross off our to-do list for the house except there’s always something more pressing to tend to like not crossing off a to-do list. This explains why we still have unpacked boxes from our move two  three four months ago.

- classes for the toddler aside from her preschool because if we don’t sign her up for something, her brain might just waste away. And what would the Joneses think? Although really, one class per week isn’t so bad is it?

- no cereal! We aim for restaurant brunch one day and homemade pancakes or eggs the next. It doesn’t always work out that way but I read somewhere it’s good to have goals. If you dream it, they will come?

- the occasional date night when we have energy leftover from corralling the toddler and entertaining the infant. Although sometimes we pick a random Tuesday instead. We’re crazy like that. Fine print: Reservations to popular restaurants are also hard to come by on weekends. And since we’re not great about planning way in advance, Tuesday it is.

- attempting some r&r only to stress about the fact that I’m not getting any in between chores and social engagements.

- more time to fit in a workout. Except it hasn’t happened. Yet.

- more time to write. But with less energy from all that running around, that time is used for some mind-numbing activities instead. Like a marathon night of Californication. And by marathon I mean three 30-minute episodes, tops. I feel so old.

- trying to cram in as many activities with the family as possible to make up for the full-time job during the week, which means Monday morning feels especially brutal.

- we get to sleep in. Wait, sorry. I confused this with my wish list. With two kids under three, what sleep?!

You get the point. Weekends just aren’t what they used to be. Hmm…Why did we have kids again? Oh right.

For this.

(Love those chubby thighs!)

And this.

RedTutu(New tutu day)

And this.

milkbabies (Multi-tasking)

Yes, my pre-baby weekends were nice. But with babies? Much, much better.


* * *

Do you remember what your weekends were like before kids? What are they like now? What’s your favorite part about spending the weekend with your child(ren)?