Thursday, June 9, 2011

Little Miss Big Sister


Thumper’s labor couldn’t have happened at a more ideal time. It was right after dinner, and Little Miss was already in bed, so throughout the night, she was asleep as we worked hard on one of her most anticipated surprises: her baby sister.

The next day, My Guy went home early next morning to get an eager little girl and her grandma for the hospital visit. They brought cupcakes (Little Miss’ idea, since it’s a celebration of Thumper’s birthday – literally) and a gift (that we purchased and wrapped with Little Miss) for Thumper. When Little Miss walked into my room, she gave me a cursory greeting before heading straight to her sister, her eyes filled with adoration for the wee one.

“She came out of your belly?” Yes. 
“And now your belly is smaller?” Oh how I wish.

A few moments later, she asked for a cupcake and that was that. Frosting and chocolate held her fascination a little longer than a sleeping baby. I stayed at the hospital another night, and she had asked about her sister over the phone but each time, she reminded us to bring the cupcakes home too. Priorities. Sometimes it’s scary just how similar we are.

At Thumper's homecoming we were met with an excited Little Miss who couldn’t wait to show us Thumper’s “crib”. My Guy did a wonderful thing by having Little Miss help him prep Thumper’s pack n play (a.k.a. bassinet for the next few months) while I was at the hospital so she took extreme pride in showing us the baby’s “crib” and felt responsible for the comfort of her sleeping sister. 


Each time a visitor came to our house, Little Miss was the first to announce, I’m a big sister! Whenever she sees the baby, she starts to coo and baby talk, but sometimes I detect a little jealousy when she insists on being lifted too when she sees Thumper in my arms or when I have to nurse the baby, Little Miss feigns boo boos and other mystery ailments.

When asked what causes her boo boo, her imagination takes over, “I fell on the TV and then the fan fell on me; Then my knee got hurt on the chair and my eyes hit the couch.” All this while pointing at her little thumb, where the alleged boo boo was.

Otherwise, Little Miss has been a great big sister, all things considered. She’s even become quite a good little helper, fetching diapers and towels, even patting the baby’s back to burp her. There hasn’t been any signs of overt resentment, which is a relief.


In fact, although this relationship will have its bumps along the way, I knew that Little Miss will do just fine because when she found her favorite stuffed monkey (she has many) next to Thumper, she simply said, “Look mommy, it’s my monkey!” I was about to intervene and say something about sharing when she continued with, “Baby Thumper can keep this monkey. I can sleep with the other one.” And she did just that.

As a parent, I don’t think I’ve experienced a prouder moment.