Thursday, May 5, 2011

No, no, I’m not ready!


At the doctor’s office, they confirmed that the baby is preparing to enter the world. That she might misconstrue my constant mobility as an encouragement, and so I was advised to stay put for as much as I could so she wouldn’t show up too soon. Especially since she’s not quite to term yet.

And that sent me into a tiny panic mode. Going in, I had over three weeks to prepare. Coming out, I felt we were running out of time. A family of procrastinators means we are ill-prepared for Thumper’s arrival. Suddenly all the to-do’s for someday have morphed into has-to-be-done-now’s!

My mind reels with everything that we need to get done...PRONTO.

Get newborn diapers
Set up the newly purchased changing table
Make room for her bassinet in our room
Set up her bassinet!
Get her hand-me-down clothes (from her sister) washed
But first, we have to get the newborn-friendly detergent
Which means we need to get to Target
Oh and what else will we need while we’re there?
Should we get a different kind of wipes too?
Where are the new baby clothes I ordered?
Note to self: Need to track those packages…

Crap - I have to pack my bag for the hospital!
What will I need?
Have to remember the camera.
Oh no, my hair! I need a haircut.
And a pedicure. My feet will be in stirrups - my toes will have to face the public.
But they’re not ready! What will my doctor think? The nurses?
What should the baby wear for her trip home?

What’s our plan for when I go into labor during rush hour?
Who’s going to get Little Miss from school?
How will we introduce her to her little sister?
What should they give each other as I-love-my-sister gifts?
Where’s that book I ordered - I’m a Big Sister? Why is it on back order?

How will we announce the arrival of Thumper?
Should we have printed announcements? We skipped it the last time.
But maybe just this once...except we need to be more organized for that.
And we’re not.

I need pictures of the three of us, pre-Thumper. Our last family of three photo.
Pictures? Really? Pictures?
With all the other things we have going on, I’m thinking about pictures??!!

Yes, pictures. And a pedicure. I blame the pregnancy hormones. If you’ve done this yourself, please help me out here. Did I miss anything? Well, the more important/rational things on the list anyway. I think I got the crazy part covered.


image source: Packing my green bag by Sally Crossthwaite