Monday, May 16, 2011


Bird and her nest

Some time during pregnancy, a woman’s nesting instinct kicks in to prepare the house for the arrival of the baby. Having moved just five weeks ago, I’ve been immersed in house-related chores - unpacking, cleaning, storing - so I can’t really tell if it’s just nesting, or if it’s the natural order of things that follow a transplantation. The worries I had about a baby that would appear too soon have mostly been quelled by our consequent diligence in preparing for her arrival. When Thumper comes, I am confident that she will have clothes to wear and a place to sleep. Phew!

This past Sunday, when Little Miss and My Guy were away for the day to visit her grandparents, I found myself reveling in domestic bliss. I should have taken advantage of the fact that there was no needy, clingy, demanding toddler around me and rested. With only two weeks away from the due date, I know rest will go the way of the dinosaur for awhile. Yet, the lure of freshly baked granola bars in the house were fat greater than my need to stay put with my feet up.

I also whittled away at some of the boxes around my house, made our beds and sewed a button on My Guy’s shirt! A momentous occasion around these parts, let me assure you. It’s amazing how much I can and want to get accomplished without the distraction of a toddler. Having that energy usually reserved for her helped, I’m sure. Of course I missed her, but at the same time, quietly going about my day doing exactly as I intended are simple pleasures that often elude me. Laundry and baking seem less like arduous chores when you want to dive into them.

Besides, now that this house feels more like a home, there’s a certain pride that comes with saturating myself with domestic work. It’s also another way of preparing for the impending change. When I am able to relish even the most mundane work around the house, I feel I can better face the tiny little chaos that will consume me in the next couple of weeks to come.

I remember the bleary eyes of sleep-deprived nights and zombie days, the struggle and exhaustion with nursing, the utter helplessness and dependency of a newborn, and my subsequent, almost irrational, desire to satiate her need for me. And when I think of those things, I can hardly imagine finding pleasure in being a domestic goddess.

As someone who enjoys her time in the kitchen, I know I will miss it when the newborn is here. For now, I think there may be cookies in our future. And perhaps even some food I can make in advance to throw in my freezer as I convalesce. A casserole or two won’t hurt.

When Little Miss spied Thumper pushing against my belly this past weekend, forming a rather precarious peak, she declared, wide-eyed, “Mommy, Baby Thumper is going to come out!”

Her toddler naivety made me laugh, but with just two weeks to go between now and May 29, anything can happen. However, I have my priorities.

Cookies first.


* * *

Moms and dads, what did you do or think about the last few days prior to your baby’s birth? Moms, what did you miss the most when you were convalescing? My first daughter was born one day before her due date - care to venture a guess when my second one will arrive?

Image: Weaver bird nesting by wallygrom (very busy at work)