Monday, May 2, 2011

A movie, a cat and a toddler

Since our move three weeks ago, we’ve been working hard unpacking around the house, and I’m happy to report that we can finally see the floor and couch in our family room! We decided to reward ourselves with a break in the form of a movie at the little neighborhood theater a block away from us. The four of us, including My Guy, my mom and the toddler, made our way to watch an afternoon matinee, Rio.

It was Little Miss’ first movie in a theater, not counting the couple of times she was with us as an infant, mostly oblivious to the big screen. Although Rio was a good family movie, she was at first a little afraid of the noise level - it was too loud for her, indicated by her hands on her ears. She eventually got used to the sound effects, but she was often dismayed every time a little bird or monkey got hurt. “Oh no!”, “Where’s the baby?”, “Where’s the mommy?” and audible gasps were frequent reactions.

We were grateful there were only two other families in there, so her loud exclamations didn’t bother anyone. Despite asking to go home a couple of times, she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the screen. We stayed until the end, and that’s when we had to fight to get her out of the theater – kids, I tell ya.

I have to say, our first family movie at the theater together was a decent experience. Rio, with the vibrant animals and catchy tunes, was a good choice. It centers around a rare blue macaw from Rio de Janeiro (duh!) who was raised as an exotic pet in Minnesota by a little girl, Linda, who later becomes his best friend. They grow up together and become inseparable.

That made me think of Little Miss’ own relationship with our pets at home – at least with one of our cats, Macavity. The movie may have had too much going on for a toddler, but the relationship between Linda and her bird, Blue, wasn’t lost on my 2.5-year-old. I think Little Miss knows just how distressing it was for Linda when she thought she lost Blue because she probably would’ve felt the same should anything happen to her buddy at home.

We have two cats and a dog, but Mac wins her affection, as he does all of ours because of his easy-going nature. He would play with dogs four times his size and snuggle up to anyone who would pet him. He’s our ham. Our buddy. And our little girl’s favorite. Who can blame her really? We’re all fighting to be his favorite.

Although, so far, I think she’s winning.










* * *

Did you grow up with pets in your house? Did you have a furry best friend? What about your kids – are they attached to any animals in your house? What was your first family movie in the theater with your kid(s)? What was your experience?