Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another day

On the phone today:

My Guy: I think you should stop calling me. Every time you do I think you’re going into labor.
Me: Oh, right. OK, emails and texts from now for non-labor stuff.
My Guy: Yup. Sounds good.
Me: Just make sure you pick up the phone when I call!

Two hours later:

I overhear Little Miss on the monitor reading herself to sleep, and of course I think it’s the cutest thing; I call her dad so he can hear this too, but I get his voicemail and I leave this message:

Listen to this – she’s reading herself to sleep. (I move the phone closer to the monitor so he can hear her.) By the way, aren’t you supposed to pick up your phone when I call? What if I’m in labor??!

* * *

Nope. No labor yet. Still waiting. I must be making it really comfortable for the baby, although it has the opposite effect on me. But there’s a bright side: more time like this with just my Little Miss.



I don’t think she minds. And neither do I.