Friday, April 29, 2011

Six Word Fridays: Last

TLittleMissInfantCryingThree-day-old Little Miss (Big Sister) strapped in for the inaugural trip home from the hospital.

Baby Thumper is on her way
Four more weeks, here to stay
Little Sister, Big Sister, sweet sisters
Sharing secrets and happily ever afters.

But first the crying and fussing
Tiny and needy, wanting and waiting
Night feedings and countless diaper changes
Demands overwhelm - we're birds in cages.

But that's OK, she's our last
One more go; time flies fast
Before we know, we will miss
The joys and pangs of newborness.

Our last baby, last infant scent
Last toothless grin, last little innocent;
We'll relish every moment with her
And Big Sister, the feisty toddler.

Four of us, finally complete together.

This is a Six Word Fridays post with the prompt: Last. Thank you Melissa for hosting this wonderful series.

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