Friday, April 22, 2011

Six Word Fridays: Counting our blessings

It’s hard to focus on good
even on Good Friday, or especially?
When all I see is rain
When all I feel is cold

But the prompt, Counting Our Blessings
changed all that, I am grateful
Because now I see beyond gloom
I see what I already have
not what I wish I did.

No sunshine? No problem. I have
a toddler’s smile and her devotion
Twinkling eyes looking up at me.
She was sick with fever yesterday
but happy, healthy and mischievous today
The sunshine’s back in full form
Her radiance infects with exquisite joy!

Then there is this wonderful man
who’s put forth twice the effort
while I’ve been resting for two
to prepare our house for baby
a new place, a strange place
but with him here, it’s home.

 My mother lives with us now
She helps, she cares, she loves
and for that we’re so thankful
Still figuring things out with toddler
wondering how she’ll fare with newborn
She made me and raised me
She will be fine I know.

And then there are the pets
who often require much care and
not much do they give back
Sometimes I wonder why they’re here
Most times I love them although
I hardly have time to show.

So there, plenty of things around
to bring a smile, give cheer
yearning for the taste of warmth
How foolish, how silly of me
when all I need is here.

Happy Easter to you and yours. May you see and feel the blessings around you that day, and everyday.

This is a Six Word Fridays post with the prompt: Counting our blessings. Thank you Melissa for fine-tuning my perspective.

image source: Windshield by cesare g.