Monday, April 25, 2011

Our eggs-cellent adventure

For someone who’s basically “winging” a holiday from Google searches and dim recollection of past visits to people’s homes on Easter Sunday, the holiday turned out, well... let’s just say it could’ve been worse. Perhaps I’m exaggerating a tad bit, but there were valuable lessons I learned while trying to adopt a holiday that I myself have never experienced in my childhood. Since I tend to conveniently forget details (and thus doomed to repeat the mistakes of my past), here are my notes to self for next time…

1. On the night before Easter, trying to get the child to go to sleep by promising chocolate-filled eggs from the Easter bunny the next day only means she will wake up demanding chocolate and refusing breakfast until the egg hunt is over and her belly is laced with the loot she proudly hoists around the house. Breakfast of champions?

FoundOnethe sweet egg hunter

2. Toddler and chocolate - only adorable for the first hour when they so sweetly ask for them and do everything as they’re told. Until the sugar kicks in and then it’s like feeding the Gremlins past midnight. Not so cute and cuddly anymore.

Poutythe gremlin

3. While unpacking around the house, I found my fondue set and thought, why not an Easter fondue? And that’s what we did. I even procured hot capicola ham and Genoa salami for the meal, bucking and following tradition at once. But on a day where candy is consumed by the fistfuls, ingesting rich and cheesy fondue may not have been the best idea. Now I keep suspiciously eyeing myself in the mirror, wondering where the sugar and cheese will manifest themselves. I’m hoping the baby is taking care of all the extras (a.k.a. wishful thinking).

FondueImpatiencelittle miss impatient

4. Just because I don’t think it’s an important holiday doesn’t mean others share the same sentiment - do not put off grocery shopping at specialty food stores until the day of the holiday as chances are, these mom-and-pop places will be closed for business. I had to drive to three different places before I finally found one that was open that day - so much for living in a big city like Chicago.

Fonduecheesy holiday

5. Prepare more Easter eggs - I didn’t realize adults delight in the dyeing of the eggs as much as kids do. In fact, my daughter showed less enthusiasm than the adults around the table. She was more interested in feeding her voracious appetite for chocolates, finding ways to manipulate more out of us!

DyeInProgressdye eggs dye! 

6. I still don’t get the appeal of Cadbury Creme Eggs and Peeps. To me, they’re two of the most overrated Easter candies and therefore were completely left out of our house. We did indulge in other eggs-citing (oh come on, how could I resist?) treats though but mostly, we stuffed Little Miss’ basket with other cutesy things so she would overlook the lack of candy. As for the basket, I figured it really doesn’t matter with toddlers – it’s what’s in it that counts. With that in mind, I found a random basket around the house and decorated it with leftover ribbon from her first birthday – if there were Peeps in the basket, they would probably have said “cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap”. Another reason why they weren't.

BasketGoodiesher favorite thing in the basket? why, chocolate of course!

7. Surround yourself with loved ones. No “don’t” here. Just a “do”. With my mom and My Guy’s brother at the table too, it was lovely to have people we care about enjoying this holiday with us. It was a great day for togetherness as we welcome spring and all we hoped it would bring - love, life and even laughter.


BlurryFun uncle fun

* * *

How was your Easter? What did you do? Did you and/or your kids OD on candy too? What’s your favorite candy?