Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Black hole and sun

On a day like this, the possibilities are endless

As you may know, we moved this past weekend. Of all the things I learned from this experience, this was the one that stood out for me: Establish Internet connection before moving. With my phone service in cellular black hole in my new home, rendering my smartphone dumber than a rock, I've been rather disconnected. Not to mention exhausted from the move. And now the unpacking.

But we did take a break on Sunday, when a fluke 75-degree weather swept Chicago by surprise. Naturally, after our dreadful hibernation, everyone and their mother (including mine) came out to play. Now that we live right next to a beach, we have no excuse to waste a perfectly nice day inside, especially if that excuse is a legitimate but unexciting one, like whittling away at the chaos that is our house to turn it into a home. Instead, we honored this incredible day by doing what it expected us to do - nothing. With a side of ice cream. Of course.

This little girl's idea of heaven? Being surrounded by swings, slides, beach, water and ice cream!

33 weeks pregnant. And please pardon the Windy City hair.

p.s. Tiny snippet from our weekend: Pointing at where her heart is, I placed my finger against Little Miss' Sesame Street t-shirt (the one you see above) and said, "This is your heart," but she promptly corrected me - "No, mommy, this is not my heart. This is Cookie Monster."

And suddenly all the stress and exhaustion melted away. At least for five minutes. Kids can be useful like that.

* * *

How was your weekend? Did you get a nice weather surprise too? If so, what did you do? Do you take breaks in the midst of involved projects or do you forge ahead until it's done before allowing yourself a breather? Have you ever said no to ice cream?  

Another p.s.: If you haven't already, check out what my interwebs alter ego has to say about kids and language acquisition and weigh in with your own experience.