Sunday, March 20, 2011

We were kids once too


Once upon a time, before Little Miss, heck, even before My Guy and all the guys before him, I had my paper dolls and cooking sets. I designed, colored and cut these paper clothes for these dolls and lived vicariously through them. If I couldn’t afford to be the most fashionable on the block, they could. When I wasn’t parading my dolls in trendy outfits, I was pretending to be a chef. Now, you’ll see how my play has manifested itself in my passion for cooking. I also like clothes shopping; no big surprise there.

My Guy had his own favorites. Apart from console and video games, he also loved building with his LEGO sets. He still has a few from his childhood days. Ever since Little Miss was born, he has been looking forward to sharing his boyhood favorites with her. She is already pretty savvy with toddler computer games on the iPad, but this past weekend, the moment he’d been waiting for finally arrived. Her first LEGO set.

After witnessing her enthusiasm for building towers with her blocks and even creamer containers at restaurants, My Guy decided it was time. He purchased the zoo set she chose late evening on a Target run and promised her that it would be the first thing they did in the morning together. At bedtime, that was all Little Miss would talk about: “Daddy and I are building a LEGO zoo in the morning!” The anticipation was palpable. And I don’t think it was just her.




The next day, after breakfast, they got down to business. While the first day of spring brought us thunder, lightning and rain outside, it was like Christmas inside our house as My Guy gingerly opened his daughter’s first set of LEGOs. A passion from his past shared with his future. I know the feeling. When Little Miss helps me in the kitchen, beating (sloshing) an egg or mixing (stabbing) batter, I couldn’t be more proud and more delighted.

In these moments, we both see a little of ourselves in her. And I think we secretly hope that, by indulging in our passions, she will take a little of us with her wherever she goes.



* * *

What were your favorite toys/games growing up? What are your passions? If you have kids or hope to someday, what are you excited to share with them? In what other ways do you see yourself in them?