Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My other life


I have a confession to make. I’ve been cheating on my blog. Instead of spending my time writing here, I’ve been doing it elsewhere. BUT in my defense, it really isn’t someone else’s blog. It’s mine. There are so many voices in my head that I figured it’s time I let them out.

Mommy Justine is still a dominant part of me, but that’s not all of me. Since this blog, Here Where I Have Landed, was created as a gift to my daughter (and soon daughters), I will continue to record our journey together as a family here. As for the other facets demanding fair play, you can find them at

It’s a place for me to talk about anything and everything, minus the intimate side of my family life, like my daughter’s potty training or my pregnancy woes (as I write this, Thumper’s rhythmic hiccups are threatening to put me to sleep). For these sordid details, you can continue to visit me here. In fact, please do.

While I hope justinewrites will take off with a life of its own, I also know from experience that it takes a lot of time and effort to build readership. While I may only have a small group of readers here, I’m also a part of a great community as readers turned into friends over time. And as friends, could I please trouble you for your continued support of my new endeavor?

It’s a move I made to strengthen my career as a communications professional so the new site will most likely be an experimentation and a constant work in progress. Not much different than it is here really. Aren’t most parents pretty much making stuff up and learning as they go anyway?

If you have a couple of minutes to spare, please hop on over to my new/other space and check it out. Leave me a comment, and I’ll mow your lawn! (Fine print: Offer valid only if we live within 50 yards of one another). For Twitterbugs, please join me there too as I figure out how to maintain a double identity in the twittersphere. Meanwhile, it’ll be like partying with two Justines. Except one can’t drink and the other, well…we’ll just have to see what she’s like won’t we?

(This is where I shamelessly humbly ask you to follow me):

Site:   Twitter: @justinewrites