Sunday, March 13, 2011

24 hours


We celebrated a milestone anniversary last week – there were surprise flowers and cards at the office, a special mid-work lunch date on the day of the event, and it culminated in a weekend staycation at a new luxury hotel downtown.  While our daughter flourished in the able hands of our dear friend and her favorite “Uncle” Jason, we made our way to the hotel on Saturday and didn’t leave the building again until 24 hours later. Sure, we didn’t go very far as it was only a 20-minute drive from home, but when we checked in to the hotel, it felt like we checked out of our lives for a bit, and that made us feel like we were a world away. 


We promised ourselves a day without errands, work and commitments other than the one we had with each other. Instead, we indulged in a couples’ massage in a room that oozed romance  - champagne (I only had two sips, I swear), candles, an infinity jacuzzi tub (I got in for a few minutes with my belly mostly afloat so the baby would be comfortable) and a rain shower built for two. Needless to say, we – ahem – took advantage of the ambiance. Ahem.

Even though the romance part was nice, I think we were most excited about sleeping in. Little Miss chirps into the monitor at 7:30 every day, even on weekends, so being awakened to the sound of room service knocking at our door at 10am is pretty sweet for a change. Granted, I was already awake – my own circadian rhythm (and the annoying need to pee) wouldn’t allow me to sleep past 8am – but at least I could just lay in bed and snuggle up next to my sleeping partner rather than having to drag my groggy self out of bed to the sounds of needs and wants. 

After breakfast, we stayed in bed for the next…oh, 4 hours or so as we distracted ourselves with each other, the TV (a rerun of T2 – Judgment Day? Don’t mind if we do!) and individual tech devices that occasionally found our laps with a mindless game of something or other. The spa may have felt indulgent yesterday, but truly the luxury part was the lounging around in our robes (or without) and in bed for the better part of the day. Neither of us remembered the last time we did this.

When we got home to our excited little girl, we settled quickly back to our routine, but having had that break, even if it was just for a day, I welcomed the exquisite domestic bliss into my arms. It afforded me a burst of energy that got the laundry, dishes and grocery-shopping done, three lunches prepared for the week and even homemade lemonade to accompany ourselves as we sat at our respective desks at the end of the evening to complete what we had to postpone during our carefree mini getaway. By most Sunday evenings, I was usually mush but not this day. It was more like, move over Nigella, the new domestic goddess is here!

As for my daughter, she was awake an hour earlier than usual (sorry Uncle Jason!), but other than that, she reportedly did well. There was no separation anxiety, although that was never our concern, but when we were home, there were plenty of cuddles from our otherwise active daughter who normally prefers to dart around the house rather than to stay put for a dose or two of affection. A nice change. For all of us.

A staycation success. It’s amazing what 24 hours can do.


* * *

Have you ever had a staycation? If staycation isn’t your thing, what do you do to escape domestic blissdom?What’s your favorite part about leaving home with just your partner? What’s your favorite part about coming home?