Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Take one, take two, take 35

What do you get when you put a toddler who never sits still together with a camera on a tripod and two parents who’d like to somehow get our Christmas greetings out on time? Frayed nerves and blurry pictures, that’s what.


So after about a gazillion attempts, this is the only one that made the cut, where no one is out of focus, cross-eyed or looking dopey.


But I didn’t like the color composition. No matter how hard I tried to de-yellow-fy (my least favorite color on human skin, especially mine), it just didn’t work, completely beyond my area of expertise. In the end, I realized I could either live with a jaundiced Christmas picture (which I honestly couldn’t), or this:


Guess which one I chose. 

Have a wonderful holiday season. With love from our family to yours.