Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The P.R.O.J.E.C.T. and other happier things

What happens when you haven’t posted in almost two weeks? You end up talking too much, like I did here. But no worries, since I won’t be posting regularly during the holiday season, you can read this in parts. A paragraph a day perhaps? Here goes:

I’m so excited. I’m finally out of the first trimester of my pregnancy, and I’m feeling more like my old self again, minus the skinny jeans. The fog of lethargy has lifted, and man have I been making up for lost time! Reviving dormant projects? Check. Creating new projects? Check. Entertaining? Check. Attending parties? Check. Cooking? Check. Baking? Check.

Just this past weekend, I completed a long overdue craft project on a quiet Friday night (go me!) and we awoke to a city in white the next day. It was our first big snowfall of the season. Our little weather girl confirmed it for us every ten minutes, “Look, mommy, it’s snowing!” interspersed with exclamation number two: “Mommy, daddy, lotta snow outside!” as if we’d forgotten since the last time she informed us. Naturally, we had to make our footprints on the pristine sidewalk as I’ve always loved feeling fresh snow under my boots; it’s possibly my favorite thing about winter. Watching my little girl bundled up in winter gear delighting in the disintegration of snowballs in her mittened hands has to be a close second though.

Snowjoy2The snowball crusher

That night we attended an annual Christmas dinner/gift exchange with friends at a steakhouse in the burbs, and even though Little Miss was the only kid there, she didn’t seem to mind as she basked in the attention of her favorite “aunts” and “uncles.” She also blinded everyone as she used the camera for the first time. It was a distraction that kept her content at the table, although I’m sure those with stars in their eyes probably hoped I had remembered to turn off the flash a little sooner. (Sorry guys!)

HandyworkA small sample of my daughter’s handy work. Not bad for a toddler, eh?

The dinner, while lovely, was not the end of the evening for us. After we reached home, we left Little Miss with a sitter and went on to the next event - a white elephant party that lasted past midnight. It’s amazing what a difference the second trimester makes. I’m not just back, I’m back with a vengeance!

Even then, the evening did exhaust me, but thankfully, Little Miss decided to sleep in until 9AM the next day (gasp!). There was definitely an OMG moment when I heard her stirring on the monitor and groggily looked at the clock, expecting to see sevenish only to see nine! On days like these, I love her even more. Yes, it’s possible because there are days when I don’t even like her. So it all breaks even.

A well-rested family meant plenty of energy to brunch, shop and finish trimming our Christmas tree, or “Kisses twee” as Little Miss would say (I think I like her version better), although we completed the tree while she napped because she thought it was more fun to help by removing the ornaments than to place them up on the tree. Now we have to fend off two cats and a toddler from our tree. Joy.

MonkeyOrnament Let’s see how long these ornaments stay up there

We later had dinner with a friend in her house, where our kids could just go crazy while the parents had adult conversations without having to worry about disturbing “the nice people at the restaurant” (although I have my doubts about “nice” when people roll their eyes at a toddler squealing happily, like the two-year-old “should know better” and like we planted her there on purpose, just to piss them off. But I digress...)

After Little Miss went to bed that evening, My Guy and I decided to continue our discussion about our bedroom makeover, a side project we’re tackling to battle the winter blues. Honestly, it isn’t so much a bedroom makeover as it is bedroom making (a.k.a. finally deciding to treat our bedroom as a bedroom and not an extension of the storage room in the basement).

You see, our bedroom is on the basement level, and it’s been pretty convenient for us to just hide the extraneous stuff (there’s always so much STUFF!) around the house in the bedroom because the only time we’re ever there is to sleep, so all the unused space (and there’s plenty of it) became a hot spot for displaced items like Little Miss’ crib, an old rug, an old TV, two empty trunks and a plethora of space-hogging infant toys. The neglect is now painfully apparent, and we could no longer ignore this enormous elephant in the room. Or rather, one that is the room.

So we devised a plan, except this plan involves deciding on design, colors and accent pieces, and between two people with rather different design ideas and preference, it has morphed from a project to a P.R.O.J.E.C.T. My Guy is the “designer type” who leans towards the edgier, more modern lines and I’m the “hodgepodge type” who likes “all of the above” but “it all depends”. This just means I’m picky but I can’t tell you exactly what I want; I just know what I don’t want when I see it.

I once tried an online “What’s your bedroom style?” tool and broke it. When I completed the quiz, it simply said “Your bedroom style is...” and the space below it was left completely blank. Further down, it said, “Please try again.” So yeah, I broke it.

This make-our-bedroom-look-like-a-real-bedroom project started out as fun since there were so many exciting possibilities but these same options are now driving me insane. It’s becoming a laborious process as we keep going back and forth but not really moving forward. How could we when most of our conversations sound like this:

”What do you think of this? Mmm...I dunno. What about that? Well...we’ll see. White? No, too impractical with our puking, shedding cats. How’s this throw pillow? For that price? Are you smoking crack? We can buy a couch with that money! How about this organic design? Too feminine. How about this geometric pattern? Ugh. Looks like a torture device.”
Just like this process.

My energy may be back but it’s dissipating fast with the holidays and the (impossible) projects. As a result, my time in this beloved space of mine is pretty scarce. I miss you guys, but I trust that you’re keeping well, and I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones.

I should be back with regular programming soon-ish. Unless My Guy and I kill each other first, which, at this point, is looking entirely possible.

So please wish us luck. Although what we really need is a miracle. Who knows, it just might happen. ‘Tis the season after all.


* * *

What craziness is going on in your neck of the woods this holiday season? Pray tell. Misery loves company…