Thursday, November 25, 2010

You wanna piece o’ me(at)?! - a turkey and a baby duke it out

Turkey1Little Miss was only two weeks old here. Turkey, 26 lbs. Baby, not quite 6 lbs. 
“I’m not taking on something four times my size - are you kidding me? Maybe next year.”


At just over a year old. Turkey, 24 lbs. Baby, 20 lbs.
“Err…not quite. Man, this is humiliating!”


Two weeks after second birthday. Turkey, 13 lbs (and cooked – she was napping when it was ready to go into the oven so we missed the photo op). Baby, 27 lbs.
“A-ha! Look who’s tiny now, sucker!”


* * *

Hope you had a wonderful, coma-inducing feast with your family and/or friends. Tomorrow: Operation Black Friday. Woot! Do you get into the frenzy too? Any good deals I should know about? Any I’ve missed?