Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Did someone say cake?

This is a big week for us. Little Miss will be turning two this Saturday, and there will be a party at our house. That also means I have about three nights to get the stuff I need done, DONE, which means it’s time for the last-minute crazy shuffle. That’s what happens to procrastinators like me. Could I have done some of these things a few weeks earlier? Sure. Could I have spent the last week leading up to the shindig a little less frazzled and a little more organized? Of course. But if I did, I wouldn’t be me.

I’ve crammed for my exams in school, started 40-page research papers the night before they’re due and completed a project at work minutes before its deadline, and since I’ve done relatively well most of the time, I haven’t seen the need to change. My Guy is the same as I am, which means our daughter is out of luck. While I feel the need to apologize to her, I also know that she will find her groove and make this work to her advantage.

The adrenaline from procrastination has fueled my fire, and I have faith it will do the same for her. In high school, she will learn to live with less sleep, in college she will learn to love the thick black sludge of black coffee at the wee hours of the night and later on, she will thrive on the merits of working smarter, not harder. I think she’s going to be OK. Although that doesn’t mean she won’t exasperate me when her procrastination affects my own agenda.

As for me, in just these three days alone, there will be some crafting, baking, prepping, decorating, cooking, shopping, organizing and housekeeping. But compared to the paper I did on Hamlet for grad school in one night, this week is going to be cake.

Speaking of, what makes all this worth it is that there’s going to be cake at the end of it! Oh and to see my daughter’s joyful smile. Of course.


Isn’t that why we, parents, do most of those crazy things that we do anyway?


* * *

Are you a procrastinator? How has that affected your life? Is there even a cure for it? Are you a birthday cake junkie too?

P.S. This may also mean a more sporadic blogging schedule for the next week or so. Not only will there be a party, Little Miss is also starting a new pre-school/daycare next Monday. I’m a bundle of nerves, so forgive me for being a little more unreliable and unavailable than usual.