Monday, October 18, 2010

Things that make you go hmm…


I had the kind of weekend that made me wish I had another day just to recover from the whirlwind that took my breath away. We did so much. Perhaps too much. But it’s the kind of much that reminded me of just how full our life is. It’s a good thing. A wonderful thing.

We babysat twice for friends, both with a daughter who’s the same age as ours. While the first occurred while Little Miss was asleep so she didn’t even know her little friend was there (shhhh…don’t tell her; she’d be disappointed), the other involved an action-packed day that involved the zoo, playtime (and nap) at our house and then an ice cream jaunt. Running around after two kids this weekend left me a little battered tonight. As much fun as we had, it made me wonder... just how do people with two, three, four kids do it?

But it also made me wonder, how would we do it if our family of three became a family of four? Now that’s certainly something to think about isn’t it?



* * *

How did you decide to “add on” to the family? Did you go with the flow or have you always known the number of kids you want in your life? How do you know when what you have is enough?