Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Be careful what you wish for…

I get Little Miss from her daycare every day and in the ten minutes we’re in the car during our journey home, this is usually what takes place:
Bye yia-yia. (Everyone’s already out of sight)

Bye yia-yia’s house.

Bye papou.

Bye Amaya.

Bye Yuyia (Julia).

Bye Ben.

We’re going home!

Mommy wat dat? (what’s that)

Man on a bike!

Man on a bike with helmet.

Man on a bike with yewwow helmet.

Geen light.

Weeeeee!!!! (when the car accelerates).

Mommy wat dat up there?

Mommy! Airpane in the sky!


We’re going under the choo-choo train

Mommy, new carf? (scarf, which she puts around her head – see picture)

Tow truck! Car with owie. They fix the car.

Wat dat sound?

Mommy, Lady Gaga? (I mumble that it’s at home)

Mommy, Hot Chip? (I’m delighted; I love that band, BUT it’s not in the car. Dammit!)

Mommy, White Stipes? (Can you tell by now there’s no “kids’ music” in the car? But I’m not in
the mood for White Stripes)

Turn on the music? (I resort to the radio, which I dislike, and settle on some overplayed tune)

Change the music? (Aaargh!!!)

Yewwow light.

Wed light!

Mommy, man is wunning (running)

Man with black pants!

Mommy wat dat?

(She makes a weird repetitive guttural noise in her throat and I ask her what that is)

Like a the Wookie  (Oh, are you Chewbacca? – as in Star Wars)

Yes! (more Chewbacca noises)

Oh, Mommy! Moon! (It’s broad daylight so I ask where)

There! (she points at the faint, distant moon – she’s right of course. Eyes of a hawk)

It’s nighttime! (No, the sun is still up, it’s still bright. It’s not night time yet)

Moon mommy. Night time! (Errr…ok. She wins)

(We near our neighborhood)

Mommy we’re home! (THANK GOD!)

As some of you may know, I’ve been yearning for my daughter to start talking – I’ve always thought that it would be my favorite milestone. Now that she has, she hasn’t stopped. Not once. Perhaps in her sleep, but that’s it. We get pelted by her incessant questions, comments and observations every minute. Her 23-month-old curiosity is boundless. If this is what I have to deal with in the ten-minute car ride home, I can only imagine what’s going to happen this weekend, when we’re driving 2.5 hours to celebrate Halloween with a friend and her kids. And then (gasp!) an eight-hour trip to see my best friend over Thanksgiving.

Can we say horse tranquilizer*? Please?

* For me that is.

* * *

What’s your favorite milestone (not your own, but your baby’s)? How do you survive a road trip with your kid(s)? Any tips? Please? Will this neverending chatter ever stop?